How to Use Feed (Upload guide)

1. XML Feed
After you get the feed (XML) for the merchant like (Google, Facebook, Avantlink etc.)
Here are the steps to use the feed:

  • Login to your merchant centre
  • Upload the XML feed url(that you get after you click on “get feed”) to your merchant centre
  • Collect the report from merchant centre.

2. CSV/TXT Feed
All the procedure are same as the XML feed other than:

  • Get the feed
  • Save the feed file to your PC
  • Upload the csv/txt feed file to the merchant centre(not url)

For example : If you are using Amazon feed file, save the txt file and upload to your amazon seller account.
For eBay feed : Save the CSV feed file, upload the CSV feed to eBay via your eBay seller account.

Follow the merchant integration guide in order to check the merchant specific required information.

If Upload is successful :

    • your products are on review now, you will get it displayed after the merchant(such as google or other to which you have uploaded the feed) approve it.

Rejected !!!

  • Please collect the error report and find the possibility to solve the issue.
    You can also use the advance command section, if you have those value but they are missing in the feed.

Please contact our support with the error report. Our support agent  will help you to solve the error.