Upgrading the Plugin: Old to New

This page will bring you up to date and guide you in upgrading to the new Shopping Cart Export Plugin! Our old Purple XMLs plugin has been rebranded and updated considerably: we have enhanced performance and scalability, tweaked the way attributes are mapped and have added (and will continue to add) new targets, such as Amazon Seller, Bing, and Beslist. The following steps will upgrade your plugin from old to new.

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  • Note: Please contact us via live chat to review upgrade pricing for your package – much depends on when you originally purchased the plugin.   However, any old data feeds on your server should be saved or backed up (look for a folder called WP-upload). Once upgraded to the new Shopping Cart Plugin, all feeds will remain on the server – even after updating!


How To upgrade from the old Purple XMLS to the new Shopping Cart Product Feed Plugin

1. Log in to your website’s administrator panel
2. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins. Deactivate & Uninstall your current (now outdated) Purple XMLs Plugin. Delete all files.
3. Download the new Shopping Cart Feed plugin from: https://wordpress.org/plugins/purple-xmls-google-product-feed-for-woocommerce/
4. Install the plugin to WordPress  (click for detailed instructions)
5. Your new Shopping Cart Plugin is ready to generate more feeds.
– If you’ve already purchased a license and are still prompted to enter a key, simply open a ticket with your name and email. We will provide directions on license key upgrade.