Resolving Common Google Errors

Upon submission, Google may provide you with errors for a failed feed upload. Here are some common Google errors and how you should approach about resolving common google errors.

“Insufficient product identifiers: Missing two out of three attributes [GTIN, brand, mpn]

Two of three unique product identfiers are required for uploading into Google Merchant. Here’s how to include each of these in your feed:
We have introduced an add-on that will allow WooCommerce users to enter in required product information like Brand, MPN and GTIN. Please download it here

1. MPN – Manufacturer Product Number is automatically mapped from the WooCommerce SKU field. Complete this field if you would like the g:mpn in your feed. You are also able to remap to this attribute via the attribute drop down menus in our plugin.

2. Brand – Do you sell from various vendors or create your own custom goods?

a) If you sell products from other vendors, the best way to include this is to create a WooCommerce attribute (via Products > Attributes) called “Brand” with your brand values (examples: Kodak, Google, L’Oreal). In each product that you want exported, attach the created brand attribute.

b) Alternatively, if you sell custom goods, it is possible to set all brands to a default value (example: Your Store Name). To do this, open the advanced command box in our plugin, and type:
setAttributeDefault brand as "Your Store Name"

c) Make sure “brand” is selected & mapped to g:brand in the drop down menus. By default it is already mapped.
Hit Update and Get Feed to see the changes.

3. GTIN – The best way to include GTIN (UPC/EAN) is to create an attribute called UPC of type text. Then in each product, add the attribute.

upc simple product
Attaching UPC values for Simple Products

Remember you only need two of three. More information about these attributes can be found here.

“Automatic item updates: Not performing automatic item updates for availability the same for price”

Our plugin does not make use of Google Merchant’s automatic item update feature. Please navigate to Google Merchant > Settings > Automatic item updates and ensure it is disabled.

“Missing tax or shipping information”

For more control over these attributes, we suggest configuring your tax and shipping settings at the Merchant account level. To do this, log into Google Merchant Center and navigate to Settings > Tax or Settings > Shipping