Changing the Category (taxonomy) List to Another Language

By default, our plugin uses the English Google product categories list. If you edit the file directly then updating the plugin will cause your language file to be lost. This post explains how to install your language file in a separate module and link that module to the Cart Product Feed plugin.


Download the categories.txt from Google (US taxonomy list: for your desired language.


Download and install the taxonomy plugin for Cart Product Feed:


Locate the new taxonomy module and click edit

The Cart Product Feed Taxonomy Module

From within Edit, ignore most of what you see and go to the right-hand side. There you will see “taxonomy.txt”

Edit the Cart Product Feed Taxonomy Module

Note! If you are working with a feed provider other than Google, you can add it or change the “google” portion of the main screen here. Amazon has both amazon and amazonsc for Amazon product ads and Amazon Seller. For an accurate list, check your manage feeds page.


Paste your downloaded taxonomies into the taxonomy.txt file

The Cart Product Feed Taxonomy Module

All done! Return to the feed creation screen, and the new taxonomies should appear