How to sync your existing Etsy listings with Shopify Store

Do you already sell on Etsy and want to sync and manage the orders and inventory of your products with Shopify?

You can do it with a few clicks with the help of ExportFeed’s latest feature!

How do I link my existing products from Etsy to Shopify through ExportFeed?

→ If you have a product which has the exact same & unique SKU and already existing on your Etsy & Shopify stores you can follow the following procedures:

  1. Make sure your products on Etsy and Shopify have the exact same and unique SKU.

  2. Click Sales Channels from the dashboard of the app.
  3. Add Etsy Sales Channel.
  4. Choose one of the sync settings and click ‘Connect Your Etsy Shop’.
  5. Click ‘Allow Access’ on the next page.
  6. *IMPORTANT* Click Yes if you want to sync your products from your Etsy to Shopify store.
  7. Please wait for a few moments for the app to fetch your products from Etsy to Shopify.

After following these above steps your products from Etsy store will be synced with your products from Shopify store.

Will my products get synced if I try to sync it when my products are in the Active/Draft state on the Etsy store?

→ Since our app syncs your products on the basis of the SKU of your product, it gets synced even if your products are in the active or draft stares on the Etsy Store. It can be further illustrated from the pictures below:

What if I don’t have the same/correct SKU of my products from Etsy to Shopify store?

If you don’t have the same/correct SKU of your products from Etsy to Shopify store, you will get notified by our app on the Unmapped Products section with the reasoning behind it.