What is RapidCart?

– Ideal for existing customers with a large amount of products (>10k) and product data.

Our ‘Rapid Cart’ solution places all of the processing efforts on our servers instead of yours.  It is the same core engine and technology as the Shopping Cart Product Feed plugin, but it runs on our boxes.  To make it work is simple – we use the existing plugin (we have a slightly different version) and it acts as a shim.  The shim gives the product details/data in raw format to our RapidCart servers, then our servers do all of the heavy lifting (variations, dupes, etc.) and then outputs the feed – all of the same merchants and output formats are supported – we essentially move the processing work to our servers.

If you would like to try our RapidCart solution for free, ask us for a free Five Day Trial License Key and then head on over to rapid.shoppingcartproductfeed.com