RapidCart – Hosted Shopping Cart Export (SaaS)

exportfeed cloud service

After rebranding shoppingcartproductfeed.com to exportfeed.com, we also changed the name for our Hosted Shopping Cart Export platform. We previously called it RapidCart but now we’ve renamed it ExportFeed Cloud Service.

ExportFeed Cloud Service allows you to use our cloud platform for your product feed operations. Using our cloud platform allows you to reduce the server requirements and streamlines your product feed marketing process.

What are the platforms currently supported by our ExportFeed Cloud Service?

ExportFeed Cloud Service currently supports the feed management operations for

  1. BigCommerce Stores
  2. Shopify Stores
  3. Ecwid Stores

What are the features of ExportFeed available on ExportFeed Cloud Service?

As we implement continuous development for ExportFeed Cloud Service, the features available on our cloud service platform may be more than what is listed here.

  • Connection with 40+ Merchants through product feeds or API connections
  • Direct upload to popular merchants like Amazon, Google, Etsy, etc.
  • Automatic product attributes mapping to your selected merchant.
  • Your synced category mapping to that of the selected marketplace.
  • Product listing reports for Amazon, Google, eBay, and other merchants.
  • Customize product attributes and apply filters to create specific feeds.
  • Your shop’s product data is imported once while you’re on trial plan.
  • When you’re using a premium license key, your product data is synced daily.
  • We offer 1 free feed setup and priority support even if you are using Trial!

How does ExportFeed Cloud Service work?

Our ‘Rapid Cart’ or ‘ExportFeed Cloud Service’ places all of the processing efforts on our servers instead of yours.  It is the same core engine and technology as the Shopping Cart Product Feed plugin, but it runs on our boxes.  To make it work is simple – we use the existing plugin (we have a slightly different version) and it acts as a shim.  The shim gives the product details/data in raw format to our RapidCart servers, then our servers do all of the heavy lifting (variations, dupes, etc.) and then outputs the feed – all of the same merchants and output formats are supported – we essentially move the processing work to our servers.