Major Differentiators

Pronto AttributeRequired?Default mapping (or value)More information
TitleYestitleAutomatically uses product title
DescriptionYesdescriptionAutomatically uses product (long) description
SalePriceYespriceRegular price or sale price, whichever is less
ConditionYes“new”Other valid values are:
CategoryYeslocal_categoryAutomatically uses your store’s category tree
URLYeslinkAutomatically uses product link
These fields are not required but auto-populated if the attribute is available
ColorOptionalcolorIf present, will map from your ‘color’ attribute
SizeOptionalsizeIf present, will map from your ‘size’ attribute
BrandOptionalbrandIf present, will map from your ‘brand’ field
InStockOptional“In Stock” or
“Limited Quantities”
Out of stock items will show up as Limited Quantities.
Other valid values are:
Special Order
InventoryCountOptionalstock_quantityUses the product inventory
ProntoCategoryIDHighly RecommendedPronto CategoryAutomatically filled using the Pronto category selected
ImageURLOptionalfeature_imgurlAutomatically uses featured image
ShippingWeightOptionalweightIf present, will map from your ‘weight’ field
ProductSKUOptionalskuAutomatically uses your SKU values
AltImage0-4OptionalAltImage0-4Any additional images will be mapped