Google Trusted Stores for Woocommerce Extension Released

By Leon (initial post May 9, 2014)

I created an exciting new plugin called Google Trusted Stores for WooCommerce. The plugin is designed to help with the demanding process of setting up a Google Trusted Stores account with WooCommerce.

Google Trusted Stores is a service that provides authentication of reliable shipping, customer service, and free purchase protection.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins. It is packed full of features, perfectly integrated into your self-hosted WordPress website.

Google Trusted Stores for WooCommerce Plugin enables Google Trusted Stores badge for woocommerce online stores. The Google Trusted Stores badge gives your site credibility from Google database information.

The benefits of the Google Trusted Stores with WooCommerce plugin are abundant. Not only does it combine the power of WooCommerce with reliability of Google Trusted Stores, but it also minimizes the time it takes to set up Google Trusted Stores. Google Trusted Stores for WooCommerce does things that require daily maintenance by automating them to specifications.

From my point of view, Google Trusted Stores for WooCommerce is really about giving the user something that is priceless, time to do other important things. I realize that in the development of eCommerce sites there is always something else to do and it is our goal to make things take as little time as possible. That is why I created this plugin and strive to make more that can save time and aggravation.