Google Trusted Stores Eligibility

Application criteria

Acceptance into the Google Trusted Stores program is granted through an application process. While basic requirements are listed below, Google may consider other factors when reviewing your application, including store policies, website look and feel, and overall shopping experience.
Minimum requirements

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  • My average monthly online order volume is greater than 200 orders per store.
  • My store(s) do not sell restricted products/services (e.g. weapons, tobacco, some pharmaceuticals and supplements). Learn more
  • The customer support team for my store(s) will respond to all customer escalations within one business day.
  • My store(s) can provide accurate estimated ship dates for all non-backordered items.
    My store(s)’ shopping cart pages are not hosted on a separate domain. Learn more
  • My store(s)’ checkout pages are encrypted (i.e. only accessed using HTTPS).