Shopify Amazon Queries


Shopify Amazon Queries

We would like to sell from our Shopify store to Amazon. Can we set a higher price for products sold on Amazon – is it easy to do?

Yes. Price can be altered in a feed. For this, they need to use the command:
rule discount(1.20, *, p) This will increase your Shopify product’s price on Amazon by 20%.

You can find more info about increasing or decreasing price here

1. When you sell products from Shopify to Amazon, can we set a different price?

Yes, we can increase or decrease price as needed.

2. If we can set a different price, is it applicable to all platforms? Shopify, Magento etc

Yes. this feature is applicable to all platforms.

3. Is there any restriction on price setup using different platforms?

No such restrictions. Usually, regular_price is used in feed and if available, sale_price is also used. And this is used in the same manner for all platforms. However, if you are using API connection to sync Shopify to Amazon, you need to be careful.