How do I add or reduce product pricing per feed?


Your product pricing cannot remain the same and sell well during every season and every occasion.

So, your best bet to keep the sales constant or increase your sales revenue is by playing a bit and experimenting with the product price attribute. To keep your sales revenue intact or grow, you need to add or reduce product pricing per feed.

If you want to adjust pricing for a particular feed, here are the commands using $5 and 5% as an example:

$5 discount: rule discount(5)
$5 off sale price: rule discount(5,s)
5% discount: rule discount(0.95,*)
5% off sale price: rule discount(0.95,*,s)
To increase all prices by 5%, include the advanced command: rule discount(1.05,*)

Update and then Get Feed to see changes! (refresh the page if you still don’t see the changes)

More advanced commands can be found here.