Can I modify my Product Titles in the feed?


How to modify product titles in product feed?

Yes. You can modify product titles in feed by using the concat rule command. To enter command go to feed customization options and on the advanced commands and use the examples below

Below are a few examples:

1. This set of commands append ” – MyModifiedTitle” to all Product Titles:
rule concat(title," - ","MyModifiedTitle") as combo_title
setAttributeDefault title as $combo_title

2. This set of commands will prepend ‘brands’ to your title:
rule concat(brand," - ",title) as combo_title
setAttributeDefault title as $combo_title

These commands are especially useful when you are trying to follow the title convention of specific marketplaces such as:

Eg: Amazon title convention for the category Small Appliances, Home Environment
Brand + Model Number + Model Name + Product Type, Color

Comprehensive Advanced Commands and examples can be found here