Feed Product Type

Feed Product Type:- Within a template/category there are often multiple product types defined. Select a product type from the drop down on the template tab or the a value from the valid values tab. You will find that information in Valid Values tab in Inventory File Templates for each template.

Including the Feed Product Type in your feed/template
In a few cases where the feed_product_type is required, the value will be completed automatically (these templates only have one valid Feed Product Type)
In other cases, you may have to set the value yourselves by selecting from a list of valid values.

1. Download and view the desired template.

2. Click the “Valid Values” tab and look under the Product Type (feed_product_type). Select the one that closely matches your products.

3. To include this value in the feed, go to the Create New Feed page (you can get here by editing a feed as well) and click [open advanced commands] near the bottom.



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