BTG Table Guide for Amazon Feed Creation


Why is Browse Tree Guide Needed?

BTG Tree  is required to display your products to particular branch of  Amazon product categories. BTG consists of recommended_browse_nodes. recommended_browse_node is the id of Amazon’s category branch. You need to include this in product feed to list your product in particular category of amazon.

BTG:-It is a tree containing a set of rules. This is used to assign products to particular categories online in BTG table differs according to the region.

The Browse Tree Guide is a tool to assist you in merchandising your products effectively online.

In the Browse Tree Guide, you will find three standard columns:

  • Node ID: Refers to the identification number associated with the specific browse path.
  • Node Name: Each point in the browse path is called a browse node. This column lists the name of each browse node.
  • Terms to Use: Lists the field name and correct term required in order to have your product show in the associated browse path. For example, the entry “item_type_keyword:hand-towels” indicates that the term “hand-towels” should be added to the “item_type_keyword” field.

Following table shows Node ID and item_type_keyword in from BTG Table


Having a problem finding the BTG for your Amazon marketplace, you can find BTG Table list of the USA here.

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