Etsy Requirements and Restrictions

In order to start selling on Etsy, you’ll need to create an Etsy Seller account and set up the Etsy Shop. We’ll be able to connect your Etsy Seller account to Shopping Feed only after your Etsy Seller account and Etsy shop are fully set up.

When creating the account/Shop, you’ll need to go through a unique setup step. You’ll be asked to create a listing from scratch using Etsy setup wizard. Then once the test item has been created, you’ll be able to enter in deposit & payment methods for your Seller account.

You can find more details on how to create an Etsy Seller account and set up the Etsy Shop in the following articles:
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Etsy Restrictions:

  • It usually takes Etsy 12-24 hours to completely create the listing.
    It may also take up to 24 hours for listings to be indexed into search results and categories.
  • Manual Channel Updates are not available for Etsy channel. Automated Channel updates are made every 6 hours on average.
  • Images and Product Descriptions are only sent to Etsy once (with an initial feed to create a listing).
    After the listing is created, the Images and Description are no longer in sync. with your storefront.
    Unfortunately, Etsy does not allow HTML Tags in Product Description and from time to time not processing the images properly. So, if some of the images are missing you are able to add them directly on Etsy as well as fix the product description;
  • Etsy can only accept 999 quantity as a max. for any given product;
  • Product Titles have a 140 character limit;
  • When we create variation listings on Etsy they are created with only one drop-down option.
    So by default, we will combine the Color (Variation#1) & Size (Variation#2) data, that you may have in Shopify, together.
    For example: If you have a t-shirt with 2 colors (Black & White) and 2 sizes (S & M), on Etsy the listing will have only one drop-down and give a buyer the options of:
  • Etsy can only accept up to 20 characters for each variation attribute (Size + Color);
  • Etsy can only take up to 70 variations for one given product;
    If you have more than 70 variants for a product in Shopify, Etsy will not list the product at all;
  • Unfortunately, Etsy does not allow HTML tags in the product description when listing products via API. Most likely, your product descriptions will look different on Etsy in comparison to your storefront but you can always change them directly on Etsy if you wish;
  • Your images should be at least 1000 pixels wide, the height can vary. JPEG is the image format that Etsy likes.
  • Only Fixed Rate Shipping Templates are available for Etsy channel in Shopping Feed. We do not support Calculated Shipping on Etsy at this time.