Sync WooCommerce Products to Google Shopping Easily
Enjoy Automated Updates, Central Management & Listing Optimization Also

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Why use ExportFeed for WooCommerce to Google Shopping?

  • Easy Installation and setup steps
  • Automatic updates of feeds on WooCommerce & Google Merchant
  • Create all or categorical feeds for easy management of listings
  • Improve sales by including correct shipping & currency info.
  • Even on trial, We’ll setup and create your 1st Feed for Free

Why should you list your WooCommerce products on Google Shopping Center?

Undoubtedly, Google is the search engine giant. And we can only estimate how many people search for products they want to purchase. With just this info, we can consider Google Ads good to bring in visitors to your site. However, Google has launched its shopping platform – Google Shopping.

Google Shopping basically doesn’t sell anything itself but lists the products that are available from various eCommerce sites like the one that you own. Sending your products to Google Shopping is very simple. You only need to:

  • Create a Google Merchant Center account,
  • Setup your shopping campaign in Google Adwords and
  • Submit WooCommerce Products to Google Merchant

But, if customers don’t buy from Google Shopping Center, why send products there? The sweet answer to this question is that:

Google Qualifies Customers and Sends Them to Your Site to Complete the Transaction.

When a customer clicks on the product listing that you’ve made on Google Shopping, they’ll be redirected to your site on the specific product page. That’s the key point – Google Shopping offers you SEO benefits while aiding for Conversions.

What if the customers don’t click on your product listings on Google Shopping? The business model of Google Merchant Center is Comparison Search Engine powered by Pay Per Click. So you don’t spend a penny if customers don’t click on your listings. But that would be a problem and it has some simple solutions.


Connect to 40+ Sales Channel
In ExportFeed we have integrated the feed specifications for 40+ merchants. So, creating feeds for them is literally just a few clicks. And when you upload, those feeds will be act to list your products effectively.


Create Optimized Product Feeds
You will be able to create optimized feeds using the ExportFeed advanced commands. Add custom product attribute, discounts or currency flexibility in the feeds you generate. You will have all the documentation & our support.


Sync Feeds Automatically
Sending your data feeds to merchants regularly helps to keep the listings fresh in the merchants. This ensures that your product has high SEO value in merchants & the product info updated. Best part, it’s automatic.

Simple Optimization Tips for WooCommerce to Google Shopping Listing – Visitors and Conversions

You want to invest on Google Shopping – How to make sure that your potential customers click on your listings and come to your site?
The answer to this question is on bit complicated but we’ll try to simplify it for you:

  • Set up your bidding a bit higher so your ads are displayed in prominent places on the Google network.
  • Improve the product title, description and image qualities on the feeds that you send to Google Shopping
  • Make sure that you include the right keywords in the right places for your product listings.
  • Make sure that your products are listed on Google Shopping under the right product category – navigation is a key aspect of product search.

However, the goal is not just to get the visitors to your site but it is to sell your products. So what can you do to optimize that?
Please check the basics and if you’re in need of some advanced tips you can consult with our Google Shopping Feed Experts here at ExportFeed.

  • Provide correct product information regarding attributes, shipping and currency to the shopping so that the customers who are unlikely to convert don’t click on you ads.
  • Make sure that your product information doesn’t contradict to each other on your WooCommerce site and on your Google Shopping listings.
  • Also, keep thoughts about the necessary attributes that are required for each individual product to attract sales.

Ready to start selling WooCommerce products through Google Shopping with ExportFeed?

Single Merchant
/mo USD

$99.99 Billed Annually

Enjoy unlimited product feeds, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support for single merchant!

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Feature includes

  • Unlimited number of products and feeds

  • Create custom feeds

  • One Feed Setup Service

  • Priority Support only for one merchant among: Google, Amazon , eBay or other supported merchants.

Pro Version - Annual
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Enjoy unlimited product feeds, automatically sync to specific merchants, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

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  • All features of Single Merchant Plan

  • Feed creation for all supported merchants

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Pro Version - Quarterly
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    Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Other Merchants

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Pro Version - Monthly
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Monthly Plan

Enjoy unlimited product feeds, automatically sync to specific merchants, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

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  • Get priority support for your feed operations

  • Enjoy All features of Single Merchant Plan

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Courtney Jagger

Definitely would recommend ExportFeed for Opencart to anyone, now even thinking about starting a WooCommerce Store and will install ExportFeed there too!


I have 5+ WooCommerce platforms running (we sell everything!) I love that I can create feeds for all of the other places (Bing!, etc.) all from the same WooCommerce install.

Andrew Taylor

This plugin is already one of my favorites. Superb plugin, above and beyond support. Highly recommended!