WooCommerce eBay Integration Plugin
Sell More WooCommerce Products on eBay Easily

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Why use our WooCommerce eBay Integration plugin plugin?

  • Install ExportFeed directly from WordPress.org within few steps
  • Connect your WooCommerce with multiple eBay marketplaces
  • Send individual products or all of your WooCommerce category
  • Select & map WooCommerce products to eBay categories
  • Request for a one-time free product feed setup even on trial plan

Reasons why you should start selling WooCommerce products on eBay

Fixed & Auction listing: eBay is a well known marketplace that established its reputation as one of the best auction sites. However, listing your products on eBay is not only for the auction listing. Most of the merchants make the best use of fixed price listing on eBay marketplace to list bulk products and increase sales.

Global Customers: eBay has a loyal pool of customers who are addicted to keeping an eye and buying on this platform, whether for the auction listings or for the fixed price listings. But it isn’t about the quantity only, eBay has a pool of customers who are looking for unique products and they visit the eBay site from all around the globe.

Flexibility in categories: Unlike some of the other top marketplaces, eBay is relatively open to let sellers list their products on the various categories, even consumer electronics. Apart from that, with auction listings, even if you can’t really estimate the value of your products, you can be sure that you do not sell the products for lower values.

eBay marketplaces: In order to reach your targeted customers, you can send your products to the specific eBay marketplaces. eBay’s marketplaces which are supported by ExportFeed plugin are: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium (French), France, Germany, Italy, Belgium(Dutch), Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, HongKong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Canada(French), Philippines, Singapore.

Shipping & refund policies: Though eBay has recently launched Guaranteed Delivery program in which the buyers are able to get the products within 3 days, it is not compulsory for all the sellers to participate in it. Also, shipping service provider and shipping policy are still within the hands of sellers. Also, refunds are not a compulsory factor when you are selling on eBay, it is a conversion booster. Sellers can set a 14 days refund and set their own refund policy when selling products on eBay.

The straight-forward process to list & sell your products in eBay

ExportFeed for eBay plugin offers you multiple functionalities specific to listing and selling your products on eBay. We regularly maintain our plugins to keep them updated according to the changes in marketplaces and as well as to match the demands of our users. And the best part is that, we have offered free trial if you are looking to check how your business grows when connecting your WooCommerce with eBay sales channel.

Note: You can start with the trial version of ExportFeed if you want to take a spin of ExportFeed before subscribing to the premium version.