WooCommerce Etsy Sync for Better Sales Process
Directly upload products to Etsy from WordPress Admin

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Why ExportFeed for WooCommerce Etsy Sync?

  • Direct upload and easy settings for the first-time Etsy Connection
  • Create single & variation product listings on Etsy easily
  • Customize product attributes of WooCommerce for Etsy
  • Upload multiple images and tags per products on Etsy
  • Friendly support team to help you with WooCommerce Etsy Sync.

How to start with WooCommerce Etsy Sync?

Many businesses have survived and grown with the help of Etsy marketplace since it started in 2015. With thousands of daily customers buying products on Etsy, this is definitely a sales channel that you shouldn’t miss to add.  As your competitors may already be selling on Etsy, here’s how you can get started quickly.

Meet the requirements to sell on Etsy.

  • A managed WooCommerce store with proper categorization of your products.
  • Registered as a seller on Etsy marketplace, flat shipping rate on settings, and payment method defined account
  • ExportFeed for Etsy plugin installed to prepare your bulk product information as required by Etsy marketplace. (Start with the trial version for full functionality)

After meeting these requirements you can start listing your products on Etsy using ExportFeed and sync the quantity and prices of your WooCommerce products to Etsy.


Automatic Product Feed Update
Export and automatically sync Products to Etsy. You can now easily avoid the manual hassle. No need of Manual Intervention. This also results into less chances of error.


Current & Accurate
Your shopping cart will always be up to date with the help of automatic feed creation. It very important to have fresh feeds, you don’t want your customers at Etsy get any wrong information


Product feed Export Solution
Save time editing product details, prices, and status on a single site. You get the feed creation & optimization support from expert team. ExportFeed is developed with Advanced commands.

How ExportFeed Manages WooCommerce Etsy Sync?

To start on WooCommerce Etsy Sync process, you need to authorize ExportFeed plugin to manage your Etsy account. If you start with the free version, you can set up sync for up to 50 SKUs. Please enter the premium license key to sync unlimited products of your WooCommerce to the Etsy marketplace.

However, during the trial period also, you can request a one-time free feed setup for WooCommerce Etsy Integration.

What do we offer for WooCommerce Etsy Sync with ExportFeed plugin?

  • Directly upload your products from WooCommerce to Etsy plugin
  • Match WooCommerce product categories to Etsy for proper listing.
  • Include or Exclude products variations listing on Etsy as allowed by Etsy API.
  • Validate products on your WordPress after creating a feed to avoid listing errors.
  • Include up to 10 images and 9 tags of WooCommerce in your Etsy product listing.

Grab more customers & Increase sales revenue with WooCommerce Etsy Sync!

Basic Seller Intermediate Seller Advance Seller Super Seller Platinum Seller
Features $ 29.99/mo
$ 39.99/mo
$ 59.99/mo  
$ 89.99/mo  
$ 129.99/mo
No. of SKU Upto 5,000 Upto 20,000 Upto 50,000 Upto 100,000 More than 100,000
Feeds For 40+ merchants Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Etsy order limit 3000 9000 14,000 20,000 Unlimited
Support Basic Support Basic Support Basic Support Priority Support Priority Support
Etsy Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync
Bulk product listing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Metafield sync support No No Yes Yes Yes
Product and order update frequency Near real time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

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