Syncing Your WooCommerce Data Feeds With Bonanza?
ExportFeed Offers Flexibility, Saves Time & More…

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Why ExportFeed for WooCommerce data feed with Bonanza sync?

  • Automate Bonanza product feed with variation support!
  • Assign local categories to Bonanza specifific categories.
  • Map custom fields, tags, attributes, other taxonomies .
  • Use cloud-based processing to reduce server load.
  • Improve Sales & Traffic from this Comparison shopping.

Meet Bonanza Feed Requirements – Sync WooCommerce Data Feeds with Bonanza

You need to flaunt your products to most convenient merchants and Bonanza is definitely one of them. Listing a single product can be fairly a simple process but that minimizes your chances of making huge profits through sales. So how do you send all or most of your selected products to display in Bonanza Marketplace? The answer is ExportFeed.  ExportFeed provides you the feature to list your products in 40 plus merchants with ease. You can make all the changes in one central place. Now syncing WooCommerce data feeds in Bonanza & other merchants is just two clicks away.

ExportFeed provides you the feature to create, optimize and sync your WooCommerce to Bonanza feeds within a few steps.  As ExportFeed for Bonanza is backed by a highly qualified team, we have any chances of your feed errors and matched the feed requirement of the merchant.

What causes Bonanza Feed rejection & How to prevent it?

  • Title: Your products must have a title on your Bonanza feed. Also, it cannot contain any promotional texts. If you have used any promotional texts in your WooCommerce, that will get pulled by any feed creation tool.
    With ExportFeed you can apply custom rules to avoid it. Best Practice: Brand, Gender, Product, Color, Size
  • Category: Bonanza requires your products to fall under at least 3 levels deep category for proper listing. For eg: Men’s Fashion > Clothing > Casual Shirts.
    Since this is a must, ExportFeed allows you to map the categories in the simplest way possible.
  • Condition: The condition of products that you are selling is a mandatory value for Bonanza feeds. You will need to specify for every product whether the product condition is New or Used.
    Even if you don’t have this value in your WooCommerce product listing, you can use advanced commands of ExportFeed while creating the feed to avoid feed rejection.
  • MPN/UPC: You will need to provide at least one of the value for your products to list them in Bonanza. You can check your Bonanza Feed created with ExportFeed before updating it to the merchant.
    Make corrections if necessary, using Advanced commands with the help of our extensive documentation or our friendly support.
  • Product Image: Product listings with clear images sell more. So, this merchant requires you to have at least one image. Your Bonanza feed created using ExportFeed includes the URL of your product image.
    Note: Don’t use any images with a watermark or promotional message on your product image for Bonanza listing.

These are the most common reasons for hard rejection of your Bonanza product feed and we have helped countless business owners to successfully sync products on this comparison shopping engine. If you are facing a similar situation, we’ll be happy to assist you too.


Category Mapping Interface
Get the ability to select & map the categories of Bonanza according to your product. We ensures acceptance of your data by the merchant. Better target your customers with the facility to categorize your products.


Current & Accurate
Your shopping cart will always be up to date with the help of automatic feed creation. Your customers of Bonanza market place will never get the outdated information about the stock and other details with ExportFeed.


Advanced Commands
Provides additional control and customization of your data feeds while you list on Bonanza. You can change the currency, modify all item prices, add UTM codes , Extract Shipping Dimensions and more.

Get Better results to Sync WooCommerce Data feeds with Bonanza.

If you aim to benefit from WooCommerce data feed in Bonanza market’s listing, ExportFeed is the top-notch solution. ExportFeed is chosen as the most useful plugin by the community. It has its reasons.

  • Product variation support: You will not find in any other plugins. It saves time and generates more income.
  • Sync to 40 plus merchants: More marketplaces are directly propositional to greater results.
  • Cloud-based processing: No need to worry about the impact on your server.
  • Exceptional Support: Any technical or non-technical queries are attended in most efficient way.
Basic Seller

Upto 5,000 SKUs

Enjoy unlimited product feeds, automatically sync to over 40 merchants, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

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Feature includes

  • Unlimited number of products and feeds

  • Create custom feeds

  • One Feed Setup Service

  • Priority Support only for one merchant among: Amazon , eBay , Etsy or other supported merchants.

Intermediate Seller

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Enjoy unlimited product feeds, automatically sync to over 40 merchants, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

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Platinum Seller

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Feature includes

  • Create Feeds for All Supported Merchants

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  • Enjoy All features of Single Merchant Plan

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  • Get the flexibility to make payment monthly