Send WooCommerce Data Feeds to eBay Seller Easily
Avoid Technical Hassles of Feed Creation & Enjoy Automatic Feed Updates!

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Some more benefits of using ExportFeed are:

  • Match eBay’s product feed requirement & get feed listing reports.
  • Offer currency flexibility and variable products to eBay customers.
  • Use different set of rules to optimize & update eBay Seller feeds.
  • Directly upload products to your eBay account from WordPress.
  • We can offer you Free eBay Feed setup for your First feed.

Send WooCommerce Data Feeds to eBay Seller! Reach Out to a Greater Audience

WooCommerce is a great platform to start or run your eCommerce business. When you install ExportFeed along with it; your growth potentials are almost limitless. Why? You can send your products to one of the leading marketplaces – the eBay! With ExportFeed, you have the ability to send bulk WooCommerce products to eBay Seller in one go.

You can directly upload your products to eBay marketplaces from your WordPress itself after authorizing connection.  Following the best practices of eBay feed creation will help your listings grab the attention of numerous potential customers.

Along with the eBay seller, you can also send your WooCommerce product feed to the eBay network to create an omnichannel presence. Now the best part – you can set the automatic feed updates for eBay and other merchants along with implementing the changes centrally from ExportFeed on your WordPress itself.

ExportFeed’s eBay plugin is currently under development and will be released soon.


Advanced Commands
Specify different pricing for different merchants and different feeds – up or down through a specific core code component.


SaaS-based option.
Safety, simplicity, and no need for more upgrades for your server. Better able to plan your site/infrastructure/performance through cloud based processing to list your high quantity product feeds.


Product Variations Support
Market your products in every version/type/format – as you have entered in your cart. Makes your product listings accurate and up to date.

The basics of Sending WooCommerce Data Feeds to eBay Seller:

It may seem like you will have to work a lot to create, send, manage and sync your product feeds to eBay Seller but ExportFeed has made this process fairly simple and quick.

  • The first step is to install the ExportFeed plugin in for eBay your site, obviously.
  • Now, select eBay Seller if you are using our multi-merchant plugin or connect eBay marketplace if you are using eBay specific plugin.
  • To create optimized feeds, you can use the features provided by the plugin.
  • You can even use advanced commands with the help of our support team.
  • After completing to prepare your product list you can directly click on submit to eBay link to upload your products on the connected eBay marketplace.

We will upload the feeds for you if you have the installation package of ExportFeed

ExportFeed’s eBay plugin is currently under development and will be released soon.

Basic Seller Intermediate Seller Advance Seller Super Seller Platinum Seller
Features $ 29.99/mo
$ 39.99/mo
$ 59.99/mo  
$ 89.99/mo  
$ 129.99/mo
No. of SKU Upto 5,000 Upto 20,000 Upto 50,000 Upto 100,000 More than 100,000
Feeds For 40+ merchants Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Etsy order limit 3000 9000 14,000 20,000 Unlimited
Support Basic Support Basic Support Basic Support Priority Support Priority Support
Etsy Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync
Bulk product listing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Metafield sync support No No Yes Yes Yes
Product and order update frequency Near real time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

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