VirtueMart product feed to Etsy: You need a plugin that will empower your ecommerce! ExportFeed is the one for you.

Find out more in this short video:

Elite ExportFeed features are:

  • Over 300000 products effectively synced in merchant pages
  • Keep your products up to date with automatic feed creation.
  • The best support team : Friendly, Responsive, Trained

Effective way: Flaunt your VirtueMart product feed to Etsy & more merchants for accelerated promotions.



Automatic product feed
Export and automatically sync Products to Etsy. You can now easily avoid the hassle of this sort. No need of Manual Intervention. This also results into less chances of error.


Current & accurate

Your shopping cart will always be up to date with the help of automatic feed creation. It very important to have fresh feeds, you don’t want your customers at Etsy get any wrong information


A product feed export solution
Save time editing product details, prices, and status on a single site. You get the product variation support & other features. ExportFeed is developed with Advanced commands.


Jonathan Girarad

The plugin is fabulous, the support is excellent and the performance is enhanced beyond imagination… can’t get better than this… Would recommend anyone.

Noah Jones

The support is always responding with fantastic solutions. It has wonderful features at the first place and the immense support helps to utilize the feature to the maximum level.

Ruby Brown

One of the major difficulties we face would be the hassle to update the changes but thanks to this plugin directly syncs the changes we make, which is just too great!!