Install ExportFeed and Sync Virtuemart Product Feed to Nextag

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The first class benefits are:

  • Export Feeds and include variations for the products in your feeds.
  • Map local categories to merchant categories to ensure acceptance.
  • Cloud based processing for high quantity to reduce the impact on your server.
  • Enjoy the automatic or manual feed update to the merchant stores.
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One plugin and two clicks! Sync to 40 other merchants.

You already have the benefit of your online presence to sell your products to a wide range of online shoppers. But can you expand your market? Have you listed products just on your site or have you exported them to Nextag & other merchants too. Enjoy the benefit of sales and gain a better product exposure by exporting your Virtuemart product feeds to Nextag. Map your products category to the Nextag category accurately to ensure better listing of your products with ExportFeed.



SaaS based Option
Safety, simplicity, and no need for more upgrades of your server. Better able to plan your site/infrastructure/performance. Continue promotion efforts of your products for promising results while using the same resources that you have, just install ExportFeed.


Proven as Experts by the Community
You want a trusted developer judged by a community to operate a major component of your sales operation. Very high ratings and almost impeccable technical supports via live chat, remote console and emails.


Product Variation Support
Saves potentially 100’s of hours of manual labor, and also makes your product listings accurate and up to date – this is why customers choose our Plugin. You can always depend on our support team too.

How does ExportFeed work to sync Virtuemart Product Feed to Nextag?

ExportFeed not just offers to create the feeds and export them to the merchant sites like Nextag but it also offers the changes in feeds to be synchronized with the feeds your merchants download from your site to make changes in listings.

  • Primary requirement is that you install ExportFeed in your Virtuemart.
  • Now you can create different feeds for your various merchants including Nextag.
  • During the feed creation, you will be able to specify product attributes to enhance SEO.
  • To make any updates in your feeds, you can use the advanced commands with our help.
  • For uploading the feeds, you will require an account with NexTag or other merchants.
  • Login to NexTag to upload the feed that you have created for Nextag.
  • We will upload the feeds for you if you have the installation package of ExportFeed.
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I am so impressed by the offers this plugin provides. It really adds value to whatever we are doing. Was able to boost sale up to a staggering 45% within six months.

Ellianor Bell

One thing I absolutely love about this plugin is the service it provides for product variation aspect.

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