Sync VirtueMart Data Feed to AmmoSeek & Boost Sales of Ammunition & Related Magazines!

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Benefits of Using ExportFeed for VirtueMart

  • Create accurate feeds for specific merchants.
  • Optimize feeds by using advanced commands.
  • Increase sales by improving SEO & lucrative listing.
  • Centralize feed management for all merchants.
  • Ask your questions to our responsive support team.

Send VirtueMart Data Feed to AmmoSeek! Improve Market Reach & ROI too!

With ExportFeed installed in your system, you will be able to connect and sync feeds to 40+ merchants. This will improve the exposure and marketability of your products while increasing the revenue generation from AmmoSeek and other merchants such as Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay and other Merchants.
Also, as ExportFeed will help you to automatically update your feeds when they are changed, your product information will be reliable and accurate helping your customers to find what they need. Now, what could be better than increasing your sales for revenue and increasing your goodwill at the same time?




Connect to 40+ Sales Channel
In ExportFeed we have integrated the feed specifications for 40+ merchants. So, creating feeds for them is literally just a few clicks. And when you upload, those feeds will be act to list your products effectively.


Create Optimized Product Feeds
You will be able to create optimized feeds using the ExportFeed advanced commands. Add custom product attribute, discounts or currency flexibility in the feeds you generate. You will have all the documentation & our support.


Sync Feeds Automatically
Sending your data feeds to merchants regularly helps to keep the listings fresh in the merchants. This ensures that your product has high SEO value in merchants & the product info updated. Best part, it’s automatic.

How to send VirtueMart data feed to AmmoSeek using ExportFeed?

  • The first step is to install ExportFeed in your VirtueMart platform.
  • For this you can go for one of the premium plans or the free trial.
  • Installation is fairly easy but if you need our help, we are here.
  • Now, you can select the merchant that you want to create feeds for.
  • Create the feed in ExportFeed or enter advanced commands for customization.
  • You will be able to access documentation for these or get help from us.
  • After your feed is ready, upload it to AmmoSeek or other merchants.
Basic Seller Intermediate Seller Advance Seller Super Seller Platinum Seller
Features $ 29.99/mo
$ 39.99/mo
$ 59.99/mo  
$ 89.99/mo  
$ 129.99/mo
No. of SKU Upto 5,000 Upto 20,000 Upto 50,000 Upto 100,000 More than 100,000
Feeds For 40+ merchants Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Etsy order limit 3000 9000 14,000 20,000 Unlimited
Support Basic Support Basic Support Basic Support Priority Support Priority Support
Etsy Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync
Bulk product listing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Metafield sync support No No Yes Yes Yes
Product and order update frequency Near real time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time
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