OpenCart Google Shopping Sync for Sales Growth
Create & Send Your OpenCart Products Feeds on Google Shopping

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Why use ExportFeed for OpenCart Google Shopping product sync?

  • Easy installation and quick feed creation process.
  • Map OpenCart product categories to Google Categories
  • Optimize product attributes with easy customization options
  • Get live chat and email support for Google Shopping feeds.
  • Personalized demo and 1st Feed setup offered Free!.

Why should OpenCart Google Shopping sync be on top of your priority?

Google is definitely the search engine giant and millions of people start their purchase process from a quick Google search. With this info, you would probably think about ranking your products on the first pages of Google search engine result. However, when you are in the eCommerce market, there is a different way to benefit from Google – the Google Shopping platform. Google shopping ads are controlled through Google Adwords so you have total control of the cost you spend. You have full control of your product advertisement and cost.

As Google Shopping is based on the attributes of your products rather than the keywords you provide in your Google Adwords, you have more chances of increased visibility of your products.

Also, the cost that you incur is based on clicks so you will not be spending for the visibility. However, as Google Shopping sends targeted traffic to your site, you want to spend more and optimize your product details page.

Now the main point, what if the product you’ve advertised through Google Shopping is sold out from your OpenCart shop? This is why you need to sync your OpenCart shop with Google Merchant center and ExportFeed has taken care of that for you.

How does Google Shopping work?

Google Shopping includes three platforms to help you benefit from it and grow your return on investment. Yes, there is investment required for benefiting through Google Shopping and that is the first party – Google Adwords. You need to have a Google Adwords account.

The next platform that is involved for your profitable journey on the Google Shopping is your OpenCart shop. This is where you already have your products listed. If you have managed your inventories on your OpenCart shop, it becomes easier for you to start your OpenCart Google Shopping product sync.

Finally the Google Merchant Center – This is where you upload the information about your products that you want to list on Google Shopping. You need to create a product feed file of your OpenCart products and submit the file link to Google Shopping. If you host the product feed file on your server, the Google Merchant center will fetch the product information at a regular interval and keep your products synced between Google Shopping and your OpenCart shop.


Centralized feed management
Enables the centralized task management! Making one change in this plugin will automatically sync the changes in other target places. Thus it reduces your efforts!


Automatic Product

Upload data feeds automatically from your shopping cart! Even when you update your product info, you will keep it synced to all the connected merchants.


Aggregate Feeds into One
Create a single feed from combining feeds from same merchant! This saves you from the hassle of visiting every feeds individually.Thus you can use your time and resources for more productive operations.

Starting OpenCart Google Shopping sync with ExportFeed

  • First visit this link to download and install ExportFeed extension for OpenCart.
  • After installation, register your account on ExportFeed cloud service.
  • Integrate your OpenCart store with ExportFeed cloud after registering with ExportFeed.
  • Next, you can start the process of creating your OpenCart Google Shopping product feed.
  • Simply, select Google Shopping as the merchant you want to create your product feed.
  • Follow the intuitive feed creation process and get your Google Shoppingproduct feed ready within no time.
  • Submit your product feed created using ExportFeed to your Google Shoppingseller central account and see your business grow!

With ExportFeed, OpenCart Google Shopping Sync is easy. Start with a free trial!

Basic Seller Intermediate Seller Advance Seller Super Seller Platinum Seller
Features $ 29.99/mo
$ 39.99/mo
$ 59.99/mo  
$ 89.99/mo  
$ 129.99/mo
No. of SKU Upto 5,000 Upto 20,000 Upto 50,000 Upto 100,000 More than 100,000
Feeds For 40+ merchants Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Etsy order limit 3000 9000 14,000 20,000 Unlimited
Support Basic Support Basic Support Basic Support Priority Support Priority Support
Etsy Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync
Bulk product listing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Metafield sync support No No Yes Yes Yes
Product and order update frequency Near real time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Now, you can try ExportFeed plugin risk-free for 7 whole days! Explore easy and effective ways to list your products by signing up for free trial !

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