Sync Your Product Feeds to Google,
Amazon, and Over 40 More…with One Plugin!

Discover How to Export Your Products to Multiple Merchants, Fast & Easily!
ExportFeed will ensure your products are exported to merchants automatically, so you can focus on selling!
Now, you can generate merchant feeds for more than 40 merchants, all from a single plugin!
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With ExportFeed You’ll…

  • Setup in only 2 clicks!
  • Sync everywhere from one plugin
  • Always be up-to-date and accurate
  • Receive top-notch support to help you
    generate your data feed

One Plugin. Multiple Merchants. Done.

Can you imagine inputting your product information only once and then, with a single click of a button, you’ve automatically synced to over 40 different merchants? You could invest your time toward selling your products!

With a single plugin, you can export to multiple merchants such as:


If you’ve been looking for a new, easier way to sell your products, then ExportFeed is the solution. Typically, far too much of your time can be spent manually entering product information on every individual merchant’s site. This can be a gruelling, time-wasting task which leaves you little time to generating more sales.But with ExportFeed, the superior WooCommerce product feed, and our elite customer service to ensure your product feeds are generated correctly, you can optimize your newfound time to boost your sales.

Update. Click. Sell Everywhere.

With ExportFeed, you’ll be able to:


Export and automatically sync products to Google, Amazon, Bing!, and more!


Manage and market product listings with ease.


Create blowout campaigns to offload inventory!


Promote quickly and accurately, to build success!


Promote quickly and accurately, to build success!

There are NO Limits to How Many Products can be Generated on a Single Feed!

ExportFeed is the only WooCommerce plugin that can generate feeds for over 40 merchants. But, how exactly does it work?

  • The WooCommerce Cart Export takes your products and adds them to major online mchants, like Google, Amazon, and eBay.
  • Next, the exporter takes your existing shopping cart with all of your product information and creates an “export” data feed. This data feed will then be synced or uploaded to multiple online merchants and your products will show on their search engines. Done!

Now you see, in only 2 clicks, mere seconds, you’re feed can be up-and-running.

It’s Never Been Easier or Faster to Sync Product Feeds to Multiple Merchants than Now!

Our WooCommerce plugin comes with cutting-edge support. You can chat live with our professional customer service representatives and we will even configure your cart plugin and help you generate your first data feed!

And listen, we also check your feeds and ensure they are accepted so your sales are not delayed due to inputting errors.

A really great plugin with some great support from the guys behind it. They are really helpful and assist you with practically everything to make sure you will set this up correctly!


Great plugin and excellent help and service. It’s been a while to have met a company that gives service and support like they do.


What if You’re a Large Retailer with Thousands of Products?

Absolutely no problem!
We offer a unique, scalable cloud service called, Rapid Cart. With this, you’ll be able to process thousands of products into feeds via servers. We’ve synced over 60,000 products in Rapid Cart to date!

I have a furniture business with over 15,000 products and needed a one-stop shop for product uploads. Having carried out some research it became clear that this could become costly so I dug a little deeper and found this gem of a plugin. I took out the year license with 2 hours support (not expensive). They called me and went through everything in such detail that I am now completely competent on uploading feeds. Works like a treat and I am so pleased that this has easily decreased my total marketing budget by some 25%. Nice, real honest people who go out of their way to sort out any issues and have everything on hand – great support. Doesn’t slow down my site and works with all my other plugins too. Would give more stars if possible!!


We have over 20,000 items in stock – images, SKUs, etc. – to say that we’re invested in WooCommerce is an understatement! This plugin flawlessly, daily, and continuously syncs our product set with several merchants – we love it and it’s no work for us!

There’s a solution for everyone!
ExportFeed has been downloaded 20,000 times! We are trusted by hundreds of merchants and manage over 100,000 products for them daily.
Pro Version - Quarterly

Same benefits. Shorter term.

Enjoy unlimited product feeds, automatically sync to over 40 merchants, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

$75.00 /qtr USD
Pro Version - Annual

Sync with NO Limits!

Enjoy unlimited product feeds, automatically sync to over 40 merchants, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

$239.99 /qtr USD
Cloud Edition - Rapid Cart

Perfect for larger businesses.

Process tens of thousands of products via our servers; sync to over 40 merchants with the same great benefits.

$50.00 /mo USD
Installation Service

We install & configure for you!

We will log into your WordPress, install & configure, ensure your feed is 100% operational, and have access to email, live chat, & phone support!

*License purchase is required

$59.00 USD
Merchant Help

Full personal service provided!

We will find matching categories, setup your merchant services AND all of your feeds, plus offer full support via email, live chat, & phone!

*License purchase is required

$495.00 USD
FREE Trial (5 Days)

Try risk-free for 5 days

For 5 days, enjoy unlimited product feeds to over 40 merchants!

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