Why is the category lightbox (or browser window) is blank?


Sometimes you ‘see no categories’, or ‘freezing’ when you click the category field

First, you should double check that your Store’s categories are set up and your products are properly categorized.
There are two reasons why your categories may not be shown.

1) If you have many categories, they may simply just take time to load. If you see a blank category list, exit the box by clicking away and then check it again in a few seconds.

2) The other likely cause of this is a plugin conflict or theme error.
Notable conflicts: Any caching plugin & some themes may interfere with the plugin. Disabling the plugin/theme may resolve the issue.

To verify, you might enter Firefox’s web console (Tools > Web Developer > Web Console) and reload the page.
If you see any messages in red (before you even click the category box) then you have caught where the problem occurs.
These messages will likely tell you where the error is happening, but if it’s too garbled to read, feel free to contact our support and we will attempt to interpret it.