Technical Requirements to use plugin on WordPress site


ExportFeed offers a lot of benefits to the online retailers who wish to practice multi-channel marketing and increase their revenue. Though, we have tried to keep the plugin flexible enough regarding the technical requirements, some of them are still mandatory.

  • PHP Version: 5.6 or above
  • PHP Memory Limit: 512 MB+
  • Execution time: 512 +
  • Permission Level:
    • Files: 644
    • Folders: 755
  • CURL/ Fsocket: Enable
  • In case of any conflict
    • Check if there is any minifier plugin installed in your site.
    • Check if Rocket loader is enabled in your CloudFlare account.
    • Contact our support team in such case. They’ll help you resolve this.
  • In case of Firewall Security
    • There may a firewall, security feature or antivirus program blocking connection to our servers. Please ensure the plugin/software is disabled.
    • For users with Sucuri hardening, please add a .htaccess file in the plugin root directory to allow execution of PHP files.