Nothing happens after I select a merchant to create feed


The first step of creating your product feed is to select a merchant from our 40+ supported list, after you have installed the ExportFeed plugin. But, what if the merchant selection doesn’t work? You should follow these steps.

  • Please deactivate and reactivate the plugin. If the problem persists clear your browser cache.
  • Ensure all directories and sub-directories have at least a permission of 755 (but not 777) and that all files have permission 644.
  • Re-configure any .htaccess files that may be coded to deny *.php files from executing on your server (or follow suggestion #4 below)
  • For users with Sucuri hardening or other security plugin, please add a .htaccess file in the plugin root directory to allow execution of PHP files.

If you can’t get it to work, even after following these steps, please let us know and our team will take a look into it.