Maximize Product Feed Performance


You can generally get the best of overall feed processing performance by following these guidelines. Product feed performance also depends upon which platform your eCommerce is based on and which merchant feed you are creating. So, you may need to be specific regarding these.

  • Make sure that your product feed matches the specifications provided by the merchant.
  • Your products must have all the required attributes but providing values for optional attributes will help in maximizing product feed performance.
  • Follow the best practices of listing on a specific merchant and create product feed according to that.
  • Avoid submitting a lot of feeds with only a few records in each of them. When possible, combine the data into larger feeds.
  • Include only the products you are updating, not your entire inventory.
  • Upload one feed of the same type not more than once every 20 minutes. Allow more time between larger feeds.
  • Keep file size below 10 MB, it’ll help you to upload faster.

Note: If you are looking for something specific regarding product feed optimization, please feel free to contact us.