Do I need ExportFeed after listing products on merchant sites?


First of all,  if you were able to successfully list your products on the merchant sites using ExportFeed, we’d like to congratulate you and our wishes for your business growth through the sales channels (merchant sites).

ExportFeed offers you to list products on three types of sales channels.

  1. Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc.
  2. Comparison Shopping Engines like Google Shopping
  3. Affiliate platforms like ShareASale, Webgains

And depending upon the merchants, there are three ways to list your products and for some merchants, we have implemented all three of them.

  1. Submitting Feed URL
  2. Direct Connection for Upload and listing management.
  3. Product feed File Upload

Submitted Feed URL

If you listed your products to Google Shopping by submitting Feed URL, you need to keep ExportFeed plugin or your Cloud service account active. This is because the path submitted to your Google Merchant Center is within the ExportFeed services. And Google and other such merchants regularly fetch the updated product data from those URL paths.

Uploaded via Direct Connections

If you listed your products using Direct Connections like on Etsy, even if you remove ExportFeed, your listing will still be intact, unlike some other service providers. However, there is a catch. Your updated product data will not be synced between the merchants like Etsy. This, in turn, will cause your listing to get buried beneath the newer and updated listings and will cost you in loss of sales revenue.

Uploaded using File Upload

What if you created a product feed file and uploaded that file to the merchants? This is possible with Amazon (you also have direct upload for Amazon marketplaces except for India and Australia) and ShareASale. However, merchants like these themselves recommend uploading updated product feed files in order to see changes in sales.

One more reason to keep using ExportFeed when you’re uploading product feed files to merchants is that you can implement AB testing for your product title, description, tags, and image links for as long as you get desired sales results.

When ExportFeed allows you so much flexibility and opportunities to increase your sales, why would anyone want to miss that out?