How do I Use my own crontab instead of WP Cron?


Setting own cron job instead of using WordPress Cron

Sometimes you need to disable wp-cron for operational reasons – so the below is how to call the script directly via unix cron (or windows)
There is no “simple” way to change how cron works because the plugin uses WordPress events to communicate with the cron engine. However, you could simulate the “Update All Feeds” button which would have a similar effect. But if you want to run manual cron jobs, here are the steps:

  1. Connect to SSH
  2. Once SSH gets connected, hit the command “php -f /home/wp-installation-dir/wp-content/plugins/pluginfolder/core/ajax/wp/update_all_feeds.php”
    The reply for this will either be “success” or fail +message.

A possible reference/guide: