Google: How do I resolve missing brands or other Google Merchant Center issues?


Upon submission, Google will provide you with errors reports for a failed feed upload for the missing unique identifiers( GTIN, brand, MPN). Two of three unique product identifiers are required for uploading into Google Merchant. Here’s how to set brand in your feed using ExportFeed:

a) If you sell products from other vendors, the best way to include this is to create a WooCommerce attribute (via Products > Attributes) called “Brand” with your brand values (examples: Kodak, Google, L’Oreal). In each product that you want to be exported, attach the created brand attribute.

b) Alternatively, if you sell custom goods, it is possible to set all of the brand values to a default value (example: Your Store Name). To do this, open the advanced command box in our plugin, and type:

setAttributeDefault brand as "Your Store Name"

c) Make sure “brand” is selected and mapped to g:brand in the drop down menus. By default it is already mapped.

Hit Update and Get Feed to see the changes.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, please contact our support team.