Feed returns 0 products?


Issue: I created feed but it returns zero products. Why?

In ExportFeed cloud, the shop must be synced before the feed creation. If after installation, the feed returns ‘0’ products, then it might be the case of shop not synced yet. The solution would be to let the products and categories of your shop sync with our cloud.

You’ll get the email notification after the sync is complete, then you can proceed with selecting your sales channel and creating product feed.

If your shop has already synced before, you can contact our support through live-chat to initiate the shop sync process.

Please note that the shop is only synced once for the trial users. So, if there are product changes related to inventory quantity or other information, make sure to change them before uploading the products to marketplaces.

If you suspect that there may be other reasons, please contact our support team.