Export WPEcommerce Product Feed to KelKoo the easy way!

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Benefits of using ExportFeed for product feed management.

  • Easy setup, feed creation 40 plus Merchants.
  • Ability to use advanced commands to perform complex tasks in simple steps.
  • Availability of an expert support team to solve your queries and confusions.

One plugin and two simple clicks! Sync to 40+ merchants!

With ExportFeed installed in your WPEcommerce, you can create feeds and ensure that your product feed gets accepted! You can also make changes on your data feeds and they will be clearly reflected in the feeds you export for listing in KelKoo. Being able to sync the changes made will save hours of manual labor to you!



Product Variation Support
You can include all the variations that you offer in the product feeds you create. You can make attractive listings in the merchant site by providing adequate information about
your products. You don’t have to list your variations manually!


Trusted by Thousands of Users

Our product has been trusted by thousands of users. If you want to test the functionality & benefits of using ExportFeed before going for a purchase, please use our 5 Days Commitment Free Trial. It will help you to understand its broad benefits.


Improve your Promotion
You can use advanced commands to customize your product feeds, map your product category with the merchant categories and even include flexible currency option for your customers! ExportFeed does this in seconds and increases your return on investment.

Steps of sending WPEcommerce Product Feed to KelKoo!

These basic steps clearly show how easy it is to improve your Return On Investment (ROI) by using ExportFeed on your WPEcommerce based site.

  • The first step is to install ExportFeed.
  • The second step is to create product feeds from your WPEcommerce platform.
  • In the third step, login to your account on the merchant site and export the data feed you have just created.
  • Check the listing made of your WPEcommerce Product Feed in KelKoo or other merchant sites manually.
  • If you need to update the feeds afterwards – you can do it directly from your WPEcommerce platform.
  • The updates that you make on your products can be set to automatically update in the merchant sites with a simple click on the ExportFeed.
  • Contact us for any support needed!



I am so impressed by the offers this plugin provides. It really adds value to whatever we are doing. Was able to boost sale up to a staggering 45% within six months.

Ellianor Bell

One thing I absolutely love about this plugin is the service it provides for product variation aspect.

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