Manage Your Products in Merchants Easily! List your WP eCommerce Data Feed to AvantLink!

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ExportFeed features you’ll absolutely love

  • Simple steps for installation & merchant specific feed creation.
  • Send data feeds to AvantLink & 40+ merchants using single plugin.
  • Map your categories to merchant categories & manage better.
  • Market your product with rich SEO using our advanced command.

Grab the Benefits of Sending WP eCommerce Data Feed to AvantLink!

Marketing is getting tougher each day for ecommerce sites. For this reason there is a strong need to promote your products of ecommerce site to other merchant sites. The most effective way is to create product feeds and send them to list in merchant sites. But doing it manually is almost next to impossible in this busy world. So, automation is not an option and when you have ExportFeed installed in your WP eCommerce site, it is to your advantage over your competitors. Needless to say sending data feeds from your WP eCommerce to AvantLink and other relevant merchants will increase your conversion radically!



Product variation support
We are able to fully utilize your painstaking work done to have product variations (colors, sizes, etc.) in your VirtueMart Store. Creating Feeds with ExportFeed will include all those variations when you export to merchants.


Advanced Commands
With ExportFeed, you will enjoy the ability to delete, set attribute defaults and map attributes. This also extends to specific merchant feeds. Uncommon or heavily specified product feeds can be easily targeted using advanced commands.


Automatic Feed Updates
Data feeds are automatically updated from your ecommerce site .The data feed is saved onto your host server where a merchant or affiliates may automatically download the file via URL. Your feed updates need not be stressful anymore.

Exporting your WP eCommerce Data Feeds to AvantLink with ExportFeed – The Effective Way!

If you have been running eCommerce stores for some good years, feed marketing is not new to you. But the technology that we present to you is extremely effective so we recommend you to start with free trial option if you aren’t ready for full subscription yet. However here are the basics of how you work with ExportFeed.

  • Install ExportFeed in your WP eCommerce which will connect your products with exportfeed.
  • Select AvantLink as your merchant for which you are generating feed files. You can select other merchants if you want to create more feed files for other merchants.
  • During the process of creating your data feeds, you will be able to use the options to empower your data feeds to make a better converting listing by adding custom attributes.
  • You will also have the option for category mapping, custom taxonomy, custom product attributes during the feed creation and also while updating your product feeds by using the advanced commands that we provide.
  • After you have successfully created your feeds, you can now login to your AvantLink or other merchants and send the feed files to them for listing. If you want, we have also offered a feed setup service for your ease.

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