List your WP eCommerce data feeds in Amazon PA UK & Improve Promotion

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Some but not all benefits of using Exportfeed in WP eCommerce are:

  • Easy installation so very easy to get started on your promotions.
  • Create specific feeds for Amazon so that products are listed easily.
  • Enjoy customizing feeds to add custom attributes for great SEO value.
  • Utilize all our features to the max with help of our support team.

Boost Sales potential! Send WP eCommerce data feed to Amazon PA UK! Control feeds from one place!!

Sending your data feeds of WP eCommerce to Amazon market in UK will make your products visible to millions of visitors of Amazon. That kind of promotion is what you have always wanted, right? So here it is offered by ExportFeed. Also, by using ExportFeed in your WP eCommerce, you will get to control and update feeds from one location rather than changing feeds in all marketplaces. Amazon has also recently introduced the Amazon Sponsored Products which will give you the sales benefit but the traffic will not be redirected to your site.



Specific core code component.
You can hard code a brand. You can specify different pricing for different merchants and different feeds – up or down with our advanced commands.


Rich SEO value
Combine/include brand and attributes into their title. Have your product listings defined simply. With our advanced commands you may specify prefix for better ranking of products on merchant sites.


Product variation support.
Entering all the variations like size color type by hand is a tedious work. This plugin customizes all your attributes. You can now concentrate in the other aspects.

How is listing your WPecommerce data feed to Bonanza with ExportFeed different?

  • ExportFeed is has very unique features. The features are developed to provide you the efficient results.
  • Only with us you can market your products in every version/type/format – as you have entered in your cart. Instead of multiple solutions for multiple merchants, you have one interface, one place for changes.
  • We only offer you cloud based processing. Cloud-based processing reduces impact to your server/site, reduces any risk of plugin conflicts, and ensures a more stable operational platform.
  • We are proven expertise by the community. You want a trusted developer judged by a community to operate a major component of your sales operation!
  • We offer Very accessible via Live Chat, email, telephone and Ticket System
  • You can also go for the free trial we offer. You will be able to better understand the plugin. You will also get the proof of concept .

ExportFeed connects your WP eCommerce Product feed to Amazon PA UK by:

Pre requirement: Get ExportFeed plugin installed and configured in your WPecommerce platform.
Create the Product feed with all your specifications as you can customize with this plugin and much more on your WPecommerce product feed.
You will have the access to upload after you get an account with Amazon Product Ads (UK).
Login to your Amazon Product Ads (UK) account and upload the feed according to requirement.
We will upload the feeds for you if you have the installation package of ExportFeed.
We will also upload it once for you if you have are a new buyer of this plugin The best support you can get is the continuous support with all your current and potential problems. We, the support team is always there for you.


Donald Scott

When I have the choice and access to the most convenient merchant, half of my problem is solved.

Toby Murphy

Getting more than you expect is… Hmmm… OVERWHELMING!!

Violet Roy

This plugin is up to date with my product situation. I am able to sell the correct quantity. My work is a lot less messy after I chose this plugin.

Pro Version - Quarterly

Same benefits. Shorter term.

Enjoy unlimited product feeds, automatically sync to over 40 merchants, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

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Pro Version - Annual

Sync with NO Limits!

Enjoy unlimited product feeds, automatically sync to over 40 merchants, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

$239.99 /yr USD
Installation Service

We install & configure for you!

We will log into your WordPress, install & configure, ensure your feed is 100% operational, and have access to email, live chat, & phone support!

*License purchase is required

$59.00 per feed USD
Merchant Help

Full personal service provided!

We will find matching categories, setup your merchant services AND all of your feeds, plus offer full support via email, live chat, & phone!

*License purchase is required

$495.00 per 10 feed USD

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