CCV Shop to Miinto – Sync Your Products to Increase Sales

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Connect CCV Shop to Miinto – Expand Market Reach – Grow Revenue!

  • Easy installation through CCV Shop dashboard
  • Easy product feed creation within nominal clicks
  • Product Variations and Multilingual Sites supported
  • Optimize feeds for Miinto with Advanced commands
  • Get help from our knowledgeable support team

Sync CCV Shop to Miinto – Sell to Thousands of Loyal Customers of Miinto

CCV Shop is a platform that provides you a hosted webshop and takes care of almost all the technicalities to run your eCommerce store. Also CCV Shop has an extensive app store to help business owners increase the functionalities in their site.
To help you integrate your webshop with the high performing merchants, we have also provided ExportFeed in the CCV Shop app store. Just by installing ExportFeed quickly, you will be able to sync your store to over 40 marketplaces.
With ExportFeed installed in your CCV Shop, you can send your product feeds to Miinto marketplaces and reach the customers of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands. You can export your product categories related to fashionable and sports wears, accessories and even household equipments and furniture.


Automatic feed update
One change reflects on multiple feeds, multiple merchants. Feeds are publically accessible and can also be downloaded by merchants or by the user. Save time and manual labor!


Map Custom Taxonomies
Allows you to provide a relevant user experience to your online shoppers. They see the complete price including tax. This is handled automatically, no need for manual intervention.


Proven Expertise by the Community
Over 20,000 download, very high ratings and high level of customer satisfaction, impeccable technical support via live chat, remote console and emails too.

How does ExportFeed help to increase your WooCommerce sales on Miinto?

  • ExportFeed reduces the hassle and time consumption for feed creation.
  • You will create feeds that meet the marketplace’s requirement.
  • You will have the options to add product attributes for listing optimization.
  • Enjoy automatic feed updates and schedule for merchant listing update.
  • Send feeds to display products on,,,

Sell Products on Your Targeted Market – Sync Your CCV Shop to Miinto!

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