Enhance Your OpenCart by Using ExportFeed! Sync OpenCart Data Feed to Webgains to Sell More!

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Some Benefits of Using ExportFeed:

  • Easy installation and user friendly interface.
  • Quick to create specific & optimized product feeds.
  • Advanced commands for more complex tasks.
  • Product variation support included in ExportFeed.

One plugin and two clicks! Sync to 40 other merchants.

Working with ExportFeed is almost literally two clicks for feed creation. First action or click you make is to install ExportFeed and the second one is to create specific feeds for merchants like Webgains, Google, Bing, Amazon, ebay etc.
With ExportFeed in your OpenCart, you will be able to create optimized feeds and send them to your 40+ of your selling channels. The more merchants you send your data feeds to, the higher chances you have of gaining more revenue.





Untiring & Friendly Support
The most feared situation is when you spend bulk amount on promising software &you don’t know how to use it. This is never the case with ExportFeed. Our support team will guide you through each step ensuring best benefits for your business.


Trusted by Thousands of Users
If you are not sure about the functionality & benefits of ExportFeed, you should go for the 5 Days commitment free trial provided to you. Use it to gain an insight. We are pretty sure it will earn your belief in a very short time. This came true with thousands of other users who boosted the productivity of their ecommerce site using ExportFeed.


Improve your Promotion
Use advanced commands to customize your product feeds, map your product category with the merchant categories and even offer flexible currency option to your customers. Doing these have not just been made time & cost effective by ExportFeed, but also your promotion will yield more return.

Brief about Exporting OpenCart Data Feed to Webgains using ExportFeed.

  • Enhance your OpenCart by installing ExportFeed, we can help if you want.
  • Now, you are ready to create specific feeds for Webgains or other merchants too.
  • If you want to make changes in your feed like add attributes or currency changes, you can use advanced commands.
  • After creating the feeds, you are ready to upload them to the merchant sites like Webgains.
  • When you make product information changes in your site, they will be automatically updated in the merchant sites
  • We will upload the feeds for you if you have the installation package of ExportFeed.



We needed to market our products on other platforms – without re-entering data everywhere. This plugin does it – by the feed, always perfect, always up to date.

Noah Johns

The support is always responding with fantastic solutions. It has wonderful features at the first place and the immense support helps to utilize the feature to the maximum level.


I like that I can control currency, items specified and brand attributes – right from the control panel. I also use the XML/CSV export functions to save this information to other platforms!

Pro Version Annual

For Single Merchant

Enjoy unlimited product feeds, automatically sync to Webgains, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

$99.99 /yr USD
Installation Service

We will install and Configure it!!

We will log into your WordPress, install & configure, ensure your feed is 100% operational, and have access to email, live chat, & phone support!

*License purchase is required

$59.99 per feed USD
Merchant Help

Full personal service provided!

We will find matching categories, setup your merchant services AND all of your feeds, plus offer full support via email, live chat, & phone!

*License purchase is required

$495.99 per 10 feed USD

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