Better Return on Your Investment – Send Bigcommerce Data Feed to AvantLink!

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ExportFeed Benefits you by:

  • Product variation support to reduce your manual work and save time.
  • Map multiple categories to merchant categories for easier ad management
  • Map custom fields, tags, other taxonomies to offer better shopping experience.
  • Extremely friendly support team to guide you out of any confusion about ExportFeed.

Increased Availability, Improved Sales! Sync to AvantLink & 40 other merchants.



Product variation support
ExportFeed fully utilizes your painstaking work to done to have product variations (colors, sizes, etc.) in your product list. Include them in the feeds & offer your customers what they want.


Current & Accurate
Ability to delete, set attribute defaults and map attributes. This also extends to specific merchant feeds. Uncommon or heavily specified product feeds can be easily targeted using advanced commands


Advanced command
Data feeds are automatically updated from your shopping cart .The data feed is saved onto your host server where a channel may automatically download the file, which is accessed via URL.

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A brief about sending Bigcommerce data feed to AvantLink !

If you haven’t tried our five days free trial and you are opting for the premium version directly, you can rest assured that our support team is here to guide you in every step while you are listing your products in AvantLink.

  • As obvious the first step will be the installation of ExportFeed in your Bigcommerce.
  • Now, you can select AvantLink to create specific feeds for the merchant.
  • While creating your feeds, you will have the options to improvise them.
  • Even after creating your feed file in CSV, TXT or XML format, you can make changes.
  • You can use this plugin and make updates and changes in various feeds at once.
  • After creating feeds specific to merchants, you can login to merchant account & upload.
  • For any confusion, please feel free to say Hello to our support team.

Immense Benefits in Almost Effortless Way!