CartProductFeed API

These topics discuss how to extend the functionality of the Cart Product Feed plugin using “Custom Modifiers”. To make use of this, you will need an understanding of PHP.   Custom Modifiers can add and remove attributes on the fly. They can change the contents of the attributes or even reformat the feed output. They […]

Why synching your shopping cart is a must

The e-commerce business is a fierce battleground, and to be at the top of your game, you have to have your shopping cart synchronized. Why? First of all, it makes life a lot easier for you. Think: I-only-have-to-go-to-one-place-to-have-my-products-show-up-everywhere-else. And secondly, it makes life easier for your client. Think: I-love-what-this-company-sells-and-now-I-can-access-all-their-wicked-stuff-in-more-than-one-place! So other than the obvious mentioned […]

Shopify: Generate your first feed

Browse to Create Feed. If you see an error message saying Not Authorized, be certain to log in using your Rapid Cart account. You can now fill in the feed details. Test your feed. Click “Get Feed” and you should receive the data in a popup window. Note : Enable the browser popup if it […]

Install CartProductFeed Shopify App

Note: You must have a Shopify Store to install the CartProductFeed Shopify App. Note: You’ll also need a RapidCart Account (where your feeds will be configured and stored). Registration is free… just click Create Account   You can now visit the app store: Just click “Get App”… that large green button on the upper right […]

Joomla! Virtuemart Download (CartProductFeed)

Joomla! VirtueMart Download (CartProductFeed Component) Download the most recent stable version: Also available: Beta versions download page.  

Upgrading the Plugin: Old to New

This page will bring you up to date and guide you in upgrading to the new Shopping Cart Export Plugin! Our old Purple XMLs plugin has been rebranded and updated considerably: we have enhanced performance and scalability, tweaked the way attributes are mapped and have added (and will continue to add) new targets, such as Amazon Seller, Bing, […]

View All Of Your Orders From One Dashboard!

Let’s face it – nobody’s time is free. When you’re going to a merchants’ shopping cart to see which of your products has been ordered, you’re losing money. Now imagine how much money you might lose when you have thousands of products on multiple online merchants’ websites and you’re paying an employee to manually check and fulfill the orders! Well, guess what? With ShoppingCartProductFeed – […]

WP e-Commerce to Bing! Product Ads Upload

Pre-requisites Before you’re able to publish a Bing Catalog File: Create a Bing Ads Account: Sign up for Bing Ads Verify your website through: Bing Webmaster Tools Add a Merchant Center Store: Create your Bing Merchant Center Store *View the videos below for a complete video guide to setting up Bing Product Ads. Step-by-step How […]

WP e-Commerce to Amazon Seller Central Product Upload

Pre-requisites An Amazon Professional Seller Account – which will provide access to Amazon’s volume listing tools Have a WP e-Commerce Store with products, Amazon’s required attributes, categories and variations Step-by-step How To’s View the supported Templates/Categories – Request a category Install the Shopping Cart Product Feed Plugin Generate an Amazon Inventory File Upload an Inventory […]