Shopify & BigCommerce Amazon App updated – Authorize our Developer Account to enable Sync Functions

shopify bigcommerce amazon connection updated

After Amazon changed the Authorization Model for MWS developers authentication, we had to put a temporary halt on the inventories and orders sync functionalities.

There were some development tasks ongoing for to adopt with this change. The authorization of the developer account was also necessary to continue providing product listing, and sync functionalities to ExportFeed users.

As per Amazon’s direction, “asking for developer access credentials to customers to gain access to seller accounts through the MWS API”, so, we have authorized our developer account and implemented it in our cloud service.

WooCommerce Amazon Plugin Updated with Improved Features

woocommerce amazon plugin updated

There are various requirements of selling your WooCommerce products on Amazon marketplaces. You need to map your WooCommerce product categories to  Amazon categories, provide complete product information including the GTIN, and you need to send those information in format specified by Amazon.

Also, listing your products individually will take a lot of time and is prone to errors too. But, listing on Amazon is worth all the efforts. So, is there an easy way to accomplish all this flawlessly?  – WooCommerce Amazon plugin by ExportFeed is the answer… and we have just updated it.

Here are the details about this update.

Rakuten Categories Updated: Improving the sales process for BigCommerce products on Rakuten

BigCommerce Rakuten App Updated

If you’re not introduced to the Rakuten marketplace and the benefits of it, an easy introduction would be:

Rakuten is almost the Amazon of Japan!

Now, skipping the other benefits and how this marketplace works, let’s get into what we’ve improved to make your BigCommerce to Rakuten selling process more effective.

Recently, Rakuten has changed product feed specification that you used to create for your BigCommerce Rakuten integration. To comply with that feed standards updated by Rakuten, we have made the changes in ExportFeed BigCommerce app.

Why is it necessary to sync Shopify Amazon products during holiday season?

sync Shopify Amazon products

During the holiday seasons, isn’t the target to sell as much products as you can? Simply selling through your Shopify store isn’t enough and you’re compelled and excited about selling through Amazon. Go ahead and list your products there. But wait! You have so many products and it is going to take time; like forever. You need an application to sync Shopify products with Amazon.

Saving time and effort is not the only reason that calls for the necessity of a product sync software.

BigCommerce App Updated: Allow feed management access to multiple users

bigcommerce app updated


Your eCommerce business is managed by multiple teams – products research functions, sales, marketing and others. These teams need their own user accounts on BigCommerce for their job functions.

They also need the access to your product feed management tool in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness. The team handling your BigCommerce business can now have concurrent access to the ExportFeed app.

Amazon Shopify integration for substantial profits – Avoid these serious mistakes

amazon shopify integration

Amazon Shopify integration is probably the most profitable marketing venture for your business, but if you do it correctly. For anyone who just started, you might be thinking – What could possibly go wrong?

Any point on the list below holds the potential of becoming any Amazon sellers’ nightmare. There are more but we’ll limit to the 7 fearful mistakes:

  • Product detail mismatch
  • Incomplete or altered listing
  • Insufficient product information
  • Flawed product selection for sales
  • Tax calculation & regulatory mistake
  • Fulfillment issues to disappoint customers
  • Missing out on customer’s suggestions

Tips to grow the sales of your handmade products with Shopify Etsy sync

shopify etsy sync growth

Selling your handmade products require a lot of research and preparations. But, selling those products can be really profitable. They also provide a way for long term connection with the users.

Still, it is difficult to find the prospective buyers. And you have added complexity, if you are only selling from your eCommerce platform – probably Shopify based eCommerce as it has been growing in popularity, recently.

However, if you’ve already started an account on Etsy marketplace, you’re definitely on the right track. Now you’ll need to start with Shopify Etsy sync process and we’ll guide you through that in this post.

Our Etsy plugin for WooCommerce to Etsy bulk upload is Updated

etsy bulk upload plugin updated

We’ve updated our Etsy plugin recently with improvements regarding the bulk product upload, product variation support, multiple image support for individual products and more. ExportFeed plugin still stands as the complete tool for Etsy bulk upload and create your WooCommerce product listings to sell more products through Etsy marketplace.

Before going in to the details of what we’ve changed with this version of the Etsy plugin, let’s first recap the most important reasons why Etsy is such an amazing marketplace to sell your products.

Amazon and Shopify Integration with the Right Tools to Ensure Success

amazon and shopify integration

Selling your Shopify products on Amazon is definitely a profitable journey. Why now jump into it, right away? What might you need for this…
Let’s take a look.

  1. Professional Amazon seller account
  2. Product listing tool with plethora of options
  3. Product research tools to keep the business profitable
  4. Shipping tools to handle the shipping

We’ll take a brief look on each of these:

WooCommerce Etsy Integration – Aiming for maximum profitability in this multi-channel campaign setup

woocommerce etsy integration best practices

WooCommerce provides a reliable way to run your eCommerce business. However, you need to reach out to your customers to grow your business. Take a look at the current eCommerce marketing trends – multi-channel marketing, omni-channel marketing and bulk products affiliate marketing tops the chart!

All these are great but as a beginner, you need to start with low effort yet a promising quick revenue path. So, did you take a look at multi-channel marketing with WooCommerce Etsy integration campaign?

Here is the information about…

  1. Products that sell high on Etsy – Your WooCommerce products you must list on Etsy
  2. What attributes are necessary for those product categories for a successful listing?
  3. How often should you update your products on Etsy marketplace and how much it costs?
  4. What are the best practices for integrating WooCommerce products on Etsy marketplace?
  5. Which other marketplaces should you consider adding to your multi-channel marketing strategy

Let’s begin!