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FREE SEO Juice – with a few clicks

Think about the last time you shopped for something… Did you do a search on the company name or on a specific product? Probably on a specific product, right?

ShoppingCartProductFeed does all the work for you - including drive traffic to your site!
ShoppingCartProductFeed does all the work for you – including drive traffic to your site!

Well, when you’ve used a product exporter (something brilliant like the ShoppingCartProduct Feed), and an end user goes to the online merchant you’ve linked up to and searches for your product, the resulting link that appears brings the user directly to that specific product on your site. This makes shopping less of a pain for them and increases the amount of traffic to your site.

Google Food for Thought…

There are people looking for your products, but they don’t know where to find them. Why? Because they do what they always do. They search for it on Amazon or Google Merchant or Shopzilla and they don’t find it.

So how do you help these future moneymakers potential customers? By making their life easier and exporting your products to these sites so they can find them (aka – Google Food :))

And how do you do this? Why, by using the ShoppingCartProduct Feed of course!  Watch the video to learn more about how this system works!
What's your next meal?



Why Shopping Carts Matter…

Think about the last time you bought something online. How was that experience? Was it simple and easy? Or frustrating and difficult?

Chances are, if it was easy and simple, then they took their business seriously: they had a shopping cart set up.

Being an online business is different than bricks and mortar. You don’t get the chance to tell someone verbally why they should buy from you and that they will have a positive shopping experience if they go with you. But there are always opportunities to look like a company who means business (haha.) and one of those is by having a shopping cart set up.

To get your products sold, you don't have people coming into a store
Virtual Stores can be used to replace or augment a ‘bricks and mortar’ store.

Why synching your shopping cart is a must

The e-commerce business is a fierce battleground, and to be at the top of your game, you have to have your shopping cart synchronized. Why? First of all, it makes life a lot easier for you. Think: I-only-have-to-go-to-one-place-to-have-my-products-show-up-everywhere-else. And secondly, it makes life easier for your client. Think: I-love-what-this-company-sells-and-now-I-can-access-all-their-wicked-stuff-in-more-than-one-place!

So other than the obvious mentioned above, why else should you synch your shopping cart?

1. Selling your stuff in bundles = more sales for you = 🙂

How can Google Trusted Store badge boost my sales?

Have you heard about the Google Trusted Store? Ever wonder what that means for you and whether it really will boost your sales?

The Google Trusted Store badge lets potential buyers know that your company is credible and that if they buy from you, Google’s got their back. The service they’ll receive will be top notch; what they order is what they’ll get; and Google will back up their order with purchase protection.