Documentation – Google Trusted Stores for WooCommerce

Google Trusted Stores for WooCommerce creates a Shipping Feed to integrate with your Google Merchant Center and adds the Google Trusted Store snippets to check out as required to integrate a WooCommerce store with Google Trusted Stores. In other words, this combines the power of WooCommerce with reliability of Google Trusted Stores. Installation Unzip and […]

Changing the Category (taxonomy) List to Another Language

By default, our plugin uses the English Google product categories list. If you edit the file directly then updating the plugin will cause your language file to be lost. This post explains how to install your language file in a separate module and link that module to the Cart Product Feed plugin. Download the categories.txt […]

Advanced Commands

Advanced Commands grant you more control over your feeds. They provide a way to create your own attribute, map from non-standard ones or modify and delete feed data. Creating Default Attributes with Advanced Commands Mapping/Remapping with Advanced Commands Comprehensive Advanced Commands can be found here: More Advanced Commands – *PDF How To Use Advanced Commands […]

Mapping Attributes

Once your local attributes are created, it’s time to map them to merchant-specific fields/attributes. The Shopping Cart Product Feed plugin allows you to map from almost any data within WooCommerce: title, sku, descriptions, WooCommerce id, WooCommerce attributes, custom product attributes, custom fields, tag (single value), as well as default attributes (created by advanced commands) and […]

Google Trusted Store – WooCommerce

  Does Google Trusted Store Help? Updated January 20, 2015: Google has made some improvements to the program and simplified integration. Click here to find out more It all started with one customer:) So, you may have heard a little bit about the new Google Trusted Store  – – Program.  Somewhat new – it […]

FAQ 111

How To’s & Guides [toc label=”FAQ”] [faq faq_topic=”how-it-works”] Supported Merchants and Countries [faq faq_topic=”supported-merchants-and-countries”] License and Feed Limitations [faq faq_topic=”license-and-limitations”] Troubleshooting [faq faq_topic=”troubleshoot”] General Plugin Queries [faq faq_topic=”general-plugin-queries”] Specific Merchant Queries [faq faq_topic=”specific-merchant-queries”] Google Trusted Stores [faq faq_topic=”google-trusted-stores-2″] Customizing Feeds with Advanced Commands [faq faq_topic=”modifying-feeds-with-advanced-commands”]

WooCommerce to Bing! Product Ads Upload

Pre-requisites Before you’re able to publish a Bing Catalog File: Create a Bing Ads Account: Sign up for Bing Ads Verify your website through: Bing Webmaster Tools Add a Merchant Center Store: Create your Bing Merchant Center Store *View the videos below for a complete video guide to setting up Bing Product Ads. Step-by-step How […]

How To’s

FAQs Here Step by Step Guides: WooCommerce: Amazon Seller Central Bing Product Ads Google Merchant Center Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Houzz Guide WP e-Commerce: Amazon Seller Central Bing Product Ads Google Merchant Center Joomla: Amazon Seller Central Bing Product Ads Google Merchant Center Other Guides: Install & Activate the Plugin Generate Your First Feed View, Edit, […]

View, Edit, Delete Feeds

CartProductFeed > Manage Feeds Figure 1: All your generated feeds are accessible and easily managed through this page. View Feed To view a feed click “view” on the feed you want to see. You will be redirected to the data feed. Edit Feed Editing a feed will bring you to a page similar to the […]