Item Type Keyword (item_type)

Item Type: Amazon uses values supplied by sellers to determine where listings are visible on (e.g., Men’s Dress Shirts). If a seller does not provide a browse node, then Amazon will assign the product to the root node (the broadest or most general node) for the category (e.g., Clothing). These products tend to perform […]

Feed Product Type

Feed Product Type:- Within a template/category there are often multiple product types defined. Select a product type from the drop down on the template tab or the a value from the valid values tab. You will find that information in Valid Values tab in Inventory File Templates for each template. Including the Feed Product Type […]

BTG Table Guide for Amazon Feed Creation

Why is Browse Tree Guide Needed? BTG Tree  is required to display your products to particular branch of  amazon product categories. BTG consists of recommended_browse_nodes. recommended_browse_node is the id of amazon’s category branch. You need to include this in product feed to list your product in particular category of amazon. BTG:-It is a tree containing a […]

Sell.Com Merchant Integration Guide

Sell.Com Sell.Com is an online marketplace for consumers and businesses. was created to provide a better way to make e-commerce work. Since the establishment, team worked to create powerful tools for all types of online sales and marketing. How to Get Started Install Shopping Cart Product Feed Plugin. Feed Creation Process  Generate an […]

GPAnalysis Merchant Integration Guide

GPAnalysis GPA for CGC Comics is the world’s first analysis and reporting service for online auction and dealer comic book sales. Reporting on thousands of certified comic book sales daily, GPA is the only service that offers the level of depth and analysis required in today’s fast-moving comic book market.  How to get started  You most […]

Become (Europe) Merchant Integration Guide

Become (Europe) Become Europe operates a network of over 550 leading comparison shopping providers worldwide. Become’s partner network delivers traffic from a diverse number of sources. In the United Kingdom Become have more than 50 comparison shopping channels, guaranteeing online stores exposure to consumers by utilising just one data feed. How to get started  You […] Merchant Integration Guide

SHOP.COM Marketplace SHOP.COM marketplace partnerships provide our merchant advertisers with additional reach and exposure for the products and brands they list (CPO or CPA product listings) within SHOP.COM. These distribution partnerships deliver either orders (CPO media model) or leads (CPA media model) to our participating merchant advertisers. How to get started  Install the Shopping Cart […]