Making a selection – BigCommerce or Magneto?

Magento has been around for quite some time and is a well-developed framework for eCommerce sites. However, as it is a framework, building your eCommerce site won’t be that easy as compared to the self-hosted BigCommerce platform. BigCommerce can be called as a newly emerging eCommerce platform as compared to Magento but the user experience and […]

How to enable auto- refresh product feed?

To enable auto- refresh product feed, follow these steps: 1. Login to your Joomla administrator panel. 2. Go to Components > Cart Product Feed 3. Choose the auto- refresh interval option and set it in between 15 minutes to 1 week. 4. Click on Update Interval. Your feeds are set to auto update now! OR […]

How do I set up CRON in my server?

1. Login to your hosting cPanel. 2. In your cPanel, you will find an option to schedule your cron jobs. 3. Set up the cron script to run every 5 minutes. The minute, hour, day of month, month, day of week fields should be filled out as: */5 * * * * 4. Add cron […]

Etsy Feed Installation & Feed Creation

Etsy Plugin installation and feed creation manual is an easy guide to list your products on Etsy. Go through these simple steps to create feeds and upload in Etsy. 1. Install & activate Etsy Feed Plugin. 2. Add Etsy Account To begin with feed creation process, you need to setup Etsy account first. Follow the […]

Maximize Feed Performance

You can generally get the best overall feed processing performance by following these guidelines: Avoid submitting a lot of feeds with only a few records in each of them. When possible, combine the data into larger feeds. Include only the products you are updating, not your entire inventory. Upload one feed of the same type […]

Prerequisites to use Amazon plugin

Set the prerequisites for Amazon plugin first and follow the given links for more . Registering for an Amazon Pro Merchant seller account or another Amazon account that makes you eligible to use Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS)? See the Amazon MWS FAQ. PHP: 5.2.8 or later. For more information, see CURL: 7.18.0 […]

Feeds not being saved?

Sometimes when the plugin is installed or updated, you might encounter issue with feeds not being saved. Such error occurs when the feed table is not created or updated properly. In such case: – Deactivate the plugin once and re- activate it again. Also, check Technical Requirements to configure your system for the plugin. Please follow […]

Amazon Plugin Installation and Feed Creation Manual

Looking to sell on Amazon? Here is the Amazon Feed installation and creation manual. No more complications; create feed and sell on Amazon only. 1. Install and Activate the Amazon Feed plugin. 2. Add amazon account Give  title to the account Choose Marketplace Click on “Connect to Amazon” You will be redirected to Amazon Sign In […]