Technical Requirements to use plugin on WordPress site

PHP Version: 5.3+ Memory Limit: 512 MB+ Permission Level: Files: 644 Folders: 755 CURL/ Fsocket: Enabled In case of any conflict Check if there is any minifier plugin installed in your site. Check if Rocket loader is enabled in your CloudFlare account. Contact our support team in such case. They’ll help you resolve this. In case […]

5 Top Benefits of Selling on Ebay

Becoming a successful online retailer is not so easy at first. But, once you get accustomed on perfoming the tweaks for your business, runing effective campaigns, and selling through multiple channels, then it can be your main stream for cash inflow. So, selling products through effective marketplaces like eBay is something you don’t want to miss. Looking for specific reasons, why? […]

How to Use Feed (Upload guide)

1. XML Feed After you get the feed (XML) for the merchant like (Google, Facebook, Avantlink etc.) Here are the steps to use the feed: Login to your merchant centre Upload the XML feed url(that you get after you click on “get feed”) to your merchant centre Collect the report from merchant centre. 2. CSV/TXT […]