Promote and sell apparels to visitors using ExportFeed

sell your boutique products on atterley

There’s a huge market for designers’ and branded items. A lot of people who care about their looks and style pay huge bucks to set themselves different from others. And the best part is you have the items that they demand – bags, shoes, necklaces, rings and all that accentuate their looks. All you need to do is reach out to those potential customers. Here’s the easy way – promote and sell your boutique apparels to the visitors of

How to get a better product review to boost your business?

Getting some better product reviews for your online business is always a better strategy to help you boost your sales. According to a study, nearly 70% of customers rely on reviews before making their purchase decisions. So promotion with feeds and reviews should get your combined effort. Only relying on feeds won’t help you realize the true potential of your business.

But why is it so? It’s simply because businesses today gains momentum largely because of such reviews.The decision to purchase for modern customers comes only if we could generate a feeling of good product among them. Majority of them even decide to read specifications only after seeing some review. That’s why you should carefully design a strategy for getting some of these!

ExportFeed WooCommerce plugin with automatic upload to eBay

woocommerce feed export to ebay

If you own an e-commerce store, you may be missing out a big share of profit if you haven’t listed your products in eBay. For pros, it is already known that exporting data feeds using ExportFeed is the easiest way. But for starters, it may be something overwhelming.

An updated version of the ExportFeed plugin with automatic upload to eBay is released. Now you can easily list your product on eBay with the help of ExportFeed! You just need to connect your eBay account then upload feed to eBay.

7 Simple Steps to Work with Google Feed for More Business!

Google Feed

The acceleration of your business depends on how far you can go with the promotion of your products. When there are so many options to publicize them, there’s no worth bothering on things like feed creation and upload. Just follow some simple steps and your products are out in a global market using Google feeds. With ExportFeed, you can easily create a product list and promote them through various marketplaces including Google.

3 Important Reasons to Send Data Feeds to Google Merchant

google shopping feed

When you make money by selling products through your e-commerce site, you are selling through one shop. But in the selling channel, there is a producer, wholesaler and the retailer. Have you ever thought about working as the wholesaler – getting to sell your product from other different sites? You can even sell on google seller. Simply use ExportFeed to Send Data Feeds to Google Merchant!

Today’s internet marketing offers the benefit of distributing products in other merchant sites as well. Those sites are well known among the customers and they also have higher number of visitors. Isn’t getting your products to those mass visitors something you would want to do? Merchant’s Feed Requirement Integrated in ExportFeed!

We are happy to announce that we have integrated the feed requirements of Ciao! part of the LeGuide Group – one of Europe’s largest networks of online shopping price comparison and reviews sites with around 13M unique visitors monthly.

By listing on their portfolio of sites you will put your products in front of a large audience of online shoppers ready to buy as well as increase your brand visibility. In addition to that, the LeGuide group offers a great price monitoring tool which will help you gain valuable competitive intelligence. and Promoting your Products There with ExportFeed!


Most of the home developers and house owners decide to grab home improvement ideas from In this merchant site, you will get access to millions of photos which can easily be browsed to decide upon what type of decoration you want! You also have access to thousands of professionals who are actively involved on various projects. They will help you develop in reality what you have previously thought of in mind just as an image! Now it’s definitely more easier to live up your dreams!

Houzz is also a perfect platform to purchase all the accessories needed for decoration. So it simply is a one stop solution for all designing needs!

Boost Business through Comparison Shopping & Affiliate Platforms

comparision shopping engines

How to sell more? How to increase profits? How to get highest rate of return on investment from your online business? These are the questions that reside in the back of every online store owner’s mind. Your marketing activities are mostly the answers of these questions. But what if you have missed a part that is more effective and can help you yield better revenue?

Even if you are supplying a product that no one else does, you cannot stay away from competition for long. And when there is competition, you cannot just wait on them. You need to act fast and act smart. Devise or implement a plan that you know is effective or at least effective enough.