WooCommerce to Etsy Plugin Updated to Include the Most Demanded Features

etsy plugin updated with product variation

Etsy is a unique marketplace. It allows you to list the handmade products and sell to the visitors of Etsy. But, for the sellers who want to list bulk products, it is also a uniquely difficult marketplace. The variations of products that you would want to list in Etsy in bulk, either you would need to manually change the product listing or change the feed manually. But now that’s a history. We have updated our WooCommerce to Etsy plugin to provide the most demanded features in your listings.

Features that we have improved in this update:

  • Added Support for Multiple Image Upload: Why is this so important? While selling online, the only way that your potential customers are able to interact with your product is through the information that you have provided in the listing. And as it is said, an image speaks a thousands words. So, the ability to upload multiple image helps to better represent your products and helps to increase conversions.
  • Added Support for Variation Listing: None of the sellers like to make individual listings on Etsy for the variations of same products. Further if that has to be done manually, it turns out to be a headache. With this version release of the plugin, we have added support for listings of variable products. Now, you can simply choose to install ExportFeed on your WordPress site, connect it with Etsy and send your product information easily to boost your sales.

You can grab the updated version of WooCommerce to Etsy plugin from here:

List WooCommerce Products on Etsy

If you need more information regarding integrating your WooCommerce products with Etsy, please feel free to check  our documentation or send us a support request.

Great News about Bing Product Ads for WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce & OpenCart site owners!

bing shopping ads

Recently, Bing made some changes in the specifications of Bing Product Ads feeds. These product feed specification changes will leave many bulk sellers who have listed their products in Bing Shopping confused.

The causal effect of being unable to stay updated with this change made in Bing Shopping can lead to feed submission errors or even more, it could lead to misrepresentation of products in the bing marketplace.

For this reason, we at ExportFeed have taken prompt action to update our free and premium applications that will help you create product feed matching every requirement specified by Bing.

For WooCommerce to Bing product feed, you can get the plugin from here:


For Shopify to Bing product feed, you can get the app from here:


For BigCommerce to Bing product feed, you can get the app from here:


For OpenCart to Bing product feed, you can or any other questions that you may have regarding listing product feeds to Bing, please feel free to let us know.


Physical Store to Extended Omni-Channel eCommerce Model – Answers to your Why & How questions

brick and mortar to omni-channel ecommerce model

There isn’t much option to market your physical store unless you opt in for costly mass media advertising or distributing banners and such around. For this reason, most of the physical store owners are expanding their presence in the digital world and some extensive business people are following the extended omni-channel eCommerce model. In this article, we have discuss about a few things such as:

  • Benefits of creating online presence
  • Introduction to the eCommerce platforms
  • Introduction to the extended omni-channel model
  • Difficulties & solutions to the omni-channel model
  • Quick steps to create digital presence for your physical store

Avoiding eCommerce shipping blunders when growing your business

ecommerce shipping blunders

Selling a lot of products and even setting high prices with a lot of profit margin also may result in business loss. How? One mistake in calculating shipping cost and in extreme case you can fall as victim of your own eCommerce shipping blunder, wasting your time, effort and investment.

And set the shipping right, it can boost your conversions like anything else. Set a free shipping to encourage customers buy from you. This is one of the most well known conversion optimization tips. However, there needs to be an intense calculation based on your cost of products acquisition, advertisement cost and other factors.

Comparing two transport & logistics apps – EasyShip & ShipStation

dropshipping easyship vs shipstation2

The most important aspect of eCommerce success is letting your customers get the product they purchased within their expected time. This helps to maintain your goodwill and even display social proof in the form of customer reviews.

So what can you do to benefit from this? Answer to this question is using a recognised shipping software.  Here, we’ll discuss about the two most popular shipping software – Comparing EasyShip and ShipStation.

AliDropship Review 2018 – Is AliDropShip Plugin still good for dropshipping in 2018?

AliDropship review 2018

Among those who wanted to start online business, the hot topic of discussion for 2017 was Dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing. And the conclusion was, “why to settle for a piece of pie when you can take the whole pie for yourself?”.

In affiliate marketing, the commission that marketers receive is set by the affiliate merchant. Whereas in dropshipping, you can set your own price and the merchant will ship your orders to your customers. This way of directing more profit to the dropshipping business made AliDropship a winner in 2017. But how does this AliDropship look in 2018? Here’s the Alidropship review for 2018!

Which features of the Best Shopify Dropshipping App help your business grow?

best shopify dropshipping app

Thinking about starting a not-so-difficult yet a really-profitable-business?

– Choose dropshipping with Shopify using the best Shopify Dropshipping App to automate tasks!

Creating your eCommerce site is simple if you start using Shopify. Shopify provides you ready made platform and plethora of themes / apps to enhance the looks and feel along with the functionality. Due to this ease of business operations, Dropshippers mostly prefer to launch their site in Shopify with some must-have apps.

New Merchant Zomato Added – A new way to invite food lovers

zomato exportfeed

Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service that operates in almost 24 countries and in over 10000 cities. Established by in 2008, this merchant helps the visitors by allowing to search and find restaurants in the areas it serves. As this merchant is available in multiple languages, it is no wonder that Zomato.com is visited almost 90 million times per an average month.

How can you benefit from listing your restaurant in Zomato.com?