AliDropship Review 2018 – Is AliDropShip Plugin still good for dropshipping in 2018?

AliDropship review 2018

Among those who wanted to start online business, the hot topic of discussion for 2017 was Dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing. And the conclusion was, “why to settle for a piece of pie when you can take the whole pie for yourself?”.

In affiliate marketing, the commission that marketers receive is set by the affiliate merchant. Whereas in dropshipping, you can set your own price and the merchant will ship your orders to your customers. This way of directing more profit to the dropshipping business made AliDropship a winner in 2017. But how does this AliDropship look in 2018? Here’s the Alidropship review for 2018!

Which features of the Best Shopify Dropshipping App help your business grow?

best shopify dropshipping app

Thinking about starting a not-so-difficult yet a really-profitable-business?

– Choose dropshipping with Shopify using the best Shopify Dropshipping App to automate tasks!

Creating your eCommerce site is simple if you start using Shopify. Shopify provides you ready made platform and plethora of themes / apps to enhance the looks and feel along with the functionality. Due to this ease of business operations, Dropshippers mostly prefer to launch their site in Shopify with some must-have apps.

New Merchant Zomato Added – A new way to invite food lovers

zomato exportfeed

Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service that operates in almost 24 countries and in over 10000 cities. Established by in 2008, this merchant helps the visitors by allowing to search and find restaurants in the areas it serves. As this merchant is available in multiple languages, it is no wonder that is visited almost 90 million times per an average month.

How can you benefit from listing your restaurant in

Wishing Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018 – With Holiday Selling Tips

merry christmas happy new year 2018

It is the time of the year now to enjoy the most awaited holiday – Christmas and to bid goodbye to 2017. Let’s welcome 2018 together.

Here at ExportFeed, many plans were executed during 2017 and many plans have been made for 2018. But all of them are related to helping you use a quality product and improving your sales as an eCommerce merchant. We are grateful towards all the suggestions, comments and feedback we received from you.

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Holiday Selling Tips for Online Shop Owners

Top WooCommerce Dropshipping Sales Channels You Need TODAY

woocommerce dropshipping channel

So you’ve decided to start a dropshipping site but are fairly new to the market and are confused on where to channel your products. There are way too many WooCommerce Dropshipping Sales Channel to choose from and might even be overwhelming at first look.

In order to know the best WoCommerce Dropshipping Sales Channel for your product, you need to be clear about what WooCommerce platform offers. Let’s start with what WooCommerce is and how it serves your dropshipping site:

Optimizing Product Feed for Better Performance – Where could I go wrong?

Product feed optimization mistakes

Optimization is a scary term if you dived into eCommerce marketing without any guidance or gradual experience. But let’s face it, this term almost means making something better than it already is. We’ll stick to this definition for a while in order to pinpoint the core subject matter of this post. You are selling your eCommerce products through different channels. You want a better sales performance. What do you do? Optimize your product feeds!

How to start selling your Products on eBay –The registration process as eBay Seller

start selling on eBay - ebay registration process

Setting up your own online store is pretty easy when compared to the time and effort required to improve the sales or even making your first sale. You’ll find a ton of ideas to promote your online store with a single google search but your actual need of making a sale is simpler than all of those ideas. Instead of trying to bring in all the visitors to your site and hoping you could sell, how about sending your products to some place where the customers are already actually searching for them. How about selling your products on eBay also?

Starting the process of Selling on eBay – The registration!

When you visit the eBay site, at the top right corner, you will find an option to sign-in or register on eBay. Clicking this link will start your process of registering on eBay and provide the required information.  The eBay site keeps your information private so you don’t have to worry about the information leak.

When registering on eBay, you will be presented with two option