Why is Sending Products to Google Merchant Important

send prodcuts to google shopping

eCommerce promotion is nothing like your common website marketing. And growing your sales is entirely a different story. With your new or old eCommerce site, you can apply common promotional techniques to acquire visitors and implement conversion rate optimization to increase the sales too.

But, what if you take your products to where your potential customers are searching for them. Wouldn’t that be the appropriate strategy? And, being the internet giant that Google is, it is definitely the place where most of the product searches are made. So why not take a step to send products to Google Merchant.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of listing your products on Google Merchant: 

Common Amazon product feed errors and resolving them


Placing your products for sale on Amazon definitely a lucrative way for eCommerce promotion. However, when you are selling a bulk amount of products you will want to use the tools that help you to save time and reduce errors. Amazon feed creation and listing tools help you to a great extent for that. But even while using these tools, you may get the feed error reports from Amazon.

Let’s take a look into these common type of errors.

Practical approach to selling on eBay for increased revenue

selling on ebay

Like any other marketplace, eBay has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But any eCommerce site owner increases their regular revenue by adding this marketplace to their product sales channel.

However, in an attempt to make more sales and profit, the amount of effort and time required can be tremendous. But with the right tools and implementing the right tricks, you can start selling on eBay marketplace for increased revenue.

The concept of micro conversions for eCommerce Sites

micro conversions for ecommerce

Before diving into the core topic, let’s first identify the eCommerce conversion. What is a conversion? It is the primary goal of your website. Simply put, it is the change of your visitors into customers which changes the product in your stock to the cash at your bank. So, ultimate conversion is the sales of your product. Now how about the micro-conversions? What are the micro conversions of your eCommerce website?

Newsletters or other sign ups

eCommerce Marketing on CSEs, Marketplaces & Affiliate Platforms


While getting started on eCommerce marketing and product promotion by adding sales channels, you need to understand the popular types and their benefits. The most common sales and marketing channels for eCommerce promotion are Social Media Channels, Comparison Shopping Engines, Marketplace and Affiliate platforms. Though they have their own benefits and serve their own role in improving the sales, it is important to know which channel will serve your purpose right.
Let’s look at the basics about these two first.

Shopify Amazon Integration – Why, How and the Best Practices!

shopify amazon integration

Before starting about the Shopify Amazon Integration, let’s take a look at the basics about Shopify and Amazon platforms.

Shopify is a great hosted platform to start your eCommerce site and has provided a free trial in order to let the starters to check if it meets their needs. Shopify also facilitates the addition of features on websites by offering Shopify App store where many publishers have listed their free and premium apps even for Shopify Amazon Integration.

The apps on the store are of wide variety and if you want to add some specific function on your site, you can easily visit the Shopify App Store from the Shopify Dashboard. Among the marketing apps, we have also listed our Shopify Amazon App.

About the Giant Marketplace & Benefits that it Offers…

GTIN Exemption Cases – Listing Products on Amazon

Amazon GTIN Exemption

Selling on Amazon is almost essential for every eCommerce site that wants to grow and survive in the long run. At this age, when even brick and mortar stores are creating their product listing on Amazon, it is not an option for an eCommerce site owner to miss out on this channel. But while selling personally manufactured products, either you need to register your Brand or you need to fill in the standard product ID. So, here are some GTIN exemption cases that can help.

Amazon Seller Rules to Increase Sales Performance on Amazon


Amazon offers you to send your products feeds and helps you sell your products from their platform. This is just one of the services that Amazon provides but it is the one that helps you to build the foundations of your business – increase your revenue. However, when you are starting to sell on Amazon or even if you have been selling on Amazon for quite some time, you need to know some of the rules that may affect your seller ranking and your business through Amazon.